Out of touch

EDITOR: I am disgusted and insulted by our president and his team. How can the president claim Mitt Romney is out of touch? The president and his team think that the only issue we women care about is birth control and reproductive rights (abortion). The real war is not on women, the war is on children and how to prevent them. How out of touch can a person be or how smart can the president possibly be, if we don't have a younger work force coming along to pay off all this debt? For these "leaders" to judge for me and many of my friends, what is most important in our lives is totally outrageous and an affront to our intelligence. Most of the other women I know are more interested in finding a good job in a career of our choice. I have gone to advanced schooling, but the job openings are not there.

The president should keep his constitutional duties and quit trying to micromanage the financial and business world. He has no practical experience and obviously no talent for either. Furthermore, if I need the president to decide for me what my priorities are I will ask! However, I would not ask this one, as he is out of touch with the real world.

I will and do support Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as my next leaders.

Bobbi Ott


Occupation Tax should be voted out

EDITOR: Towanda School District Business Manager Doreen Secor has spoken several times regarding the desire of the school district to eliminate the Occupation Tax and replace it with a slight increase to the local Earned Income tax that is already levied. Although some might worry that the district is recommending this in order to bring in more money, the shift is designed to make that impossible when it occurs. Although there may be minor differences in what an individual pays, the overall result must be equal when the change is made.

The Occupation Tax is one of the most blatantly unfair taxes I have ever encountered. It is based on broad categories that make no sense at all. A stay-at-home mom with a small income from seasonal tax preparation work pays the same amount as a doctor or lawyer because they are all classed as "professionals." In addition, a significant number of people never pay the tax at all because they move into the area, live in rentals and never get on the school district lists. The cost for the district to locate all these people is prohibitive. The result is that those of us who have lived here many years end up paying but others don't. One more irritation about the Occupation Tax is that it is billed in the summer and has to be paid separately from our regular income taxes which qualifies it as a "nuisance tax."

The local Earned Income Tax (EIT) is already with-held from paychecks or paid by the self-employed - (generally to Berkheimer as the collecting agent). Switching this tax to being part of local EIT would eliminate collection costs for the school district and would insure that everyone pays. It would also insure that everyone pays an equal percentage of their income instead of an arbitrary amount based on some ridiculous category.

I urge all Towanda area voters to support a switch from the Occupation tax to Earned Income tax on the November election ballot.

Nobody likes taxes - but they should at least be rational and equitable. The Occupation tax is neither and it should be gotten rid of.

Ruth Tonachel

Towanda Township