A mystery solved

EDITOR: It was with some sadness that I read in the Aug. 16, issue of The Daily Review that the Towanda School Board had lost the Wysox Elementary School to the Piollet family.

Like a lot of local parents, my wife and I have a lot of fond memories of that school. All three of our children went to school there.

As Christians, my wife and I have been assured that a lot of life mysteries will be answered when we get to Heaven. This is one mystery that has been answered in the here and now.

If memory serves me right, someone was all set to buy the school a few years ago. All of a sudden the deal fell apart. I wondered at the time why. Now we know why.

My guess is it was a lawyer who found the stipulation in the old deed that when it ceased being school it was to go back to the Piollet family.

I knew at the time something was very wrong if someone backed away from a deal.

Lee A. Neiley

Beacon, N.Y.

Something missing

EDITOR: All we hear in the news today is, if we tax the top 1 percent rich, we will hurt the job market.

Also we hear, why won't Romney show us more tax returns? Well, for the first statement, the rich have had a tax break for the past 10 years. If the GOP's reasoning is right, then where are all the jobs? Ten years of lower taxes! I must be missing something. Now for the second statement about Romney's tax returns. The Democrats' reasoning is he must be hiding something. Well Mr. Romney, are you? I, for one, would like to know who I'm voting for. If Mr. Romney insists on refusing to let me or the people know I would have to assume you are indeed hiding something. I don't need to vote for someone who's hiding stuff before he might get elected to be president.

Besides what I mentioned above now we have Medicare, welfare and abortion issues flooding the air waves. I'm pretty sure we all can assume most of the ads are taken out of context, an imaginary thought or an out-and-out lie. Remember when we elected our new legislators and new governor. Their ads were all about creating jobs and stop having jobs go overseas. I'm still waiting for this to happen. So when we hear the candidates talk about what they're going to do, stop and ask how they are going to do it. It amazes me that they all know about job creation, cheap gas, paying off the deficits, etc, etc. This is before being elected.

Then after being elected, they become brain dead, now you could say the Democrats won't vote for a law that will take away everything from the middle class and a lot from the poor and give more to the rich. And you could say the Republicans won't vote for a law that would help an out-of-luck family that lost everything. Their motto is go find a job and get off the back of the government. You could say.

When we hear comments from the TV ads and get smothered with pamphlets, read and listen for enjoyment only. Then go and find out what is the "real" truth. Then, and only then, will we known who will represent all of the American people. One other thing, I hope we all have found out what the Supreme Court's ruling about whoever and any amount of money the people, corporation, even foreigners can contribute to the elections (in secrecy). We have the very rich people and corporations giving tons of money to the Republican party, and have some rich and ordinary people giving money to the Democratic Party.

Oh yeah, I forgot also the unions. You know the high paid thugs that help the economy by being able to buy extra things for themselves and their families. There by putting more money into the revenue needed to run a government and by buying things creating more jobs. Did you know the companies are sitting on a lot of money and not hiring, not because of fear of higher taxes but because nobody is buying anything. In ending, even though they're trying to suppress voting, put that extra effort to go out and vote.

Jerry McMenamin