All donations, of any size, to the local food pantry are worthy of praise. But an especially big donation deserves some especially big recognition.

As the Towanda and Wyalusing High School's football teams were gearing up to play the rival Bronze Helmet game, both student bodies were engaging in another friendly competition. This one to see who could collect the most food to give to the T.A.C.O. pantry.

All rivalry aside, together, the two school districts combined to bring in more than 6,000 canned goods and other food items - one of the largest donations ever, according to T.A.C.O.

Caroline Vana, this year's student coordinator from Towanda explained last year's inaugural drive collected about 2,000 cans. She said it was a wonderful way for both schools to stand together and help the food pantry in the process. We agree. Applause to all who organized and to all who donated.