Some area families are upset because they missed Little League sign-ups. They thought notices would be sent home from school - but no information was distributed to students in their school districts.

An explanation for that came to light at a recent Towanda School Board meeting. Board member Brooks Greenland spoke out against a policy Towanda has in place that bans outside groups from supplying notices that are to be carried home by the students. We checked, and found many other school districts now have that same policy in place.

Canton's superintendent Matt Gordon explained it nicely. He said when an organization requests that a student receive something, they post it in a central location in the office and announce that it's available. If the students are interested, they come up to the office and grab one. He said it's called a dissemination of information policy and includes organizations such as Little League, Girl Scouts and 4-H.

It sounds logical. But for some kids, it doesn't work.

We agree with Ms. Greenland who said at the Towanda board meeting that the current policy prevents parents from finding out about programs in the community that could benefit their children. She rightfully criticized the current arrangement, saying that kids may not hear, or understand the announcements made over the intercom.

Little League may be a small example, but it illustrates a bigger point - the current "distribution systems" aren't as effective as they could be. School districts should keep the best interest of students and families in mind and revise their policies.