Quickly now, without looking up anything, name 10 consumer products that are manufactured in Pennsylvania. Hershey candy and Crayola crayons might quickly come to mind. And if you're a cook you might know that All-Clad cookware is a Pennsylvania product. But there are thousands of products that are unknown to many consumers, even to other Pennsylvania businesses that could use state-manufactured components in their own products.

State Rep. Neal Goodman, a Schuylkill County Democrat, said he realized while shopping at a Lowe's home-improvement store that many products with which he is unfamiliar are manufactured in Pennsylvania.

So, at the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, Mr. Goodman introduced a bill that would create a "Made in PA" program modeled on the successful PA Preferred program for agricultural products.

Under the agriculture program, the state Department of Agriculture and thousands of food-related business statewide work together to promote Pennsylvania products to consumers and to food producers, processors, distributors and retailers.

The state agency operates a website providing information on where to find anything from animal feed to meat.

Under Mr. Goodman proposal, the state Department of Community and Economic Development would create a website detailing products made in Pennsylvania and information on their manufacturers. It would serve as a reference for consumers and as a portal for businesses seeking finished goods or component sources for their own production.

Qualifying manufacturers also would be able to place a blue-and-gold "Made in PA" label on products that are manufactured and sold in-state.

The state government is a natural clearing house for that kind of information, and it has the resources and the data on-hand to do the job at minimal expense.

Mr. Goodman's idea is a good example of drawing inspiration from life outside of politics. The Legislature should pass the bill and establish the program soon after its return from the holiday recess.