Any prospective Tony Hawk's out there? Waverly Village is hoping to find out. More important than launching a young skateboarder to potential stardom though is giving area kids something fun, and healthy, to do.

An application has been submitted for a grant, through the Tony Hawk Foundation, to help establish a skate park on the Waverly Village Hall property on Ithaca Street. The foundation gives grants of up to $25,000 to help out, primarily in low-income communities. The foundation's goal is to provide young skaters a safe place to skate and build their self-confidence. So far the foundation has donated more than $3.2 million toward that goal in 450 skate parks throughout the nation.

Locally, the worthy effort is being led by Waverly resident Marty Borko, who explained recently the total cost of the 100-by-200 ft. park would be about $50,000. He's hoping for a substantial contribution from the grant program, to be added to about $4,000 raised a few years ago for a skate park by former Waverly student Ian McNamara. The committee would then need to pursue further grant opportunities, as well as donations, to fund the remainder of the project.

A tall order indeed - but one that should be taken seriously in the Valley community. We agree with Mr. Borko who says a skate park would give young people an activity in the village to keep them out of trouble, and the Ithaca Street location would allow for easy monitoring by police. Hopefully the grant is awarded and the community steps up to move the skate park project forward.