For the past few years the Mansfield University field hockey team has been loaded with offensive talent.

From Kristy Tutorow (33 career goals) to All-American Kristyn Grunza (35 career goals) and Schawillie's classmate Brianna Velepec (15 career goals), the Mountaineers have had no shortage of goal scorers.

However, playing alongside, among others, three players who combined for 83 career goals Schawillie established herself as the best scorer Mansfield has ever seen.

With four goals in the season opener Schawillie passed Gretchen Rescke's mark of 44 goals set between 1999-2002.

Schawillie has eight goals this season and has 51 tallies during her Mansfield career.

"When I was looking for schools and I found Mansfield, the goal wasn't to score the most goals. I knew I had tied the school record coming into the year and it's exciting to get it. I am happy I got it over with and got rid of the pressure."

For Schawillie spending the entire offseason tied for the school record was something that was on her mind and she was happy to get it out of the way right away.

"I just wanted to get the goal over with," she said. "It's nice to get it out of the way the first game and not have to worry about it."

With her entire senior season left after she broke the record, Schawillie knows she has some time to add to the mark.

"I am excited to get that so early and be able to build on it and set the record higher," she said.

Schawillie knows that she is now a part of Mansfield field hockey history and she will like seeing her name when people pursue the record, or even pass it one day.

"It's definitely nice to be a part of Mansfield field hockey," she said. "It will be nice to see when someone tries to break the record one day."

While she played with a number of other big-time scorers, Schawillie feels like they helped make her into the player she is now.

"I liked it," she said. "We could spread it out more and it was nice because you can't prepare for one player. Teams couldn't just focus on one player in a game.

This year things are a little bit different for Schawillie.

With Grunza and Tutorow graduated and over 50 career goals on her resume, Schawillie knows teams are more focused on her this year.

"We talked about it, I might get more double teams or teams marking me more," Schawillie said.

Still, despite the defenses being focused on her Schawillie leads the team with her eight goals this year and she enjoys scoring despite defenses paying extra attention to her.

"It's definitely nice when you are double teamed and you can still get a shot through and still score," she said.