Alex Sherman of Barton started his day off with a perfect game for Notre Dame, rolling a 300 at Paramount Lanes in Elmira on Wednesday afternoon.

It was the first 300 of the season and Sherman's first award score ever thrown.

Sherman followed it up with a 253 and a 238 for a 791 series, just nine pins short of an award series of 800. The 791 was the highest series thrown in the IAC this season.

Athens' Mathew Dieg stayed with Sherman strike-for-strike in the first game, but came up one strike short with a 279 game and followed with a 182 and a 173 for a 634 series, while Joel Seidman threw games of 212 back-to-back and added a 154 for a 578.

"As a coach I watched Alex stand and throw shot after shot solid in the pocket," Notre Dame coach Ray Sherman, also Alex's father, said. "As a father in the tenth I'm not sure who was more nervous me or him. He walked up there and went shot for shot in the tenth just as solid as the first nine frames. After that he started off the next game with the next six strikes. 18 in a row. That was impressive."

Notre Dame rolled to the 4-0 sweep over Edison, with the Crusaders rolling 1,080 in the first game, 999 in the second and 874 for a 2,953, while Edison shot 821, 963 and 786 for a 2,570.

For the girls Edison swept, shooting 783, 806 and 776 for a 2,362, while Notre Dame shot 686, 680 and 638 for a 2,004.

Along with Sherman, Dieg and Siedman, Riccardo Gennali shot 148-155-171-474, Vincent Fazarri shot 141-175-134-450 and Joe Rickard shot 124-177-138-439.

Edison was led by Zach Braster 180-249-153-582.

For the girls Towanda's Cassie Berry shot 179-216-171-566 for Notre Dame and Kristen Karam shot

148-136-107-391, Dani Antos shot 130-130-115-375, Stefanie Evans shot 125-81-127-333, Meghan Cleary shot 104-117-111-332 and Maggie Zheng shot 66-64-114-244.

Edison was led by Kayla Coolbaugh 180-183-189-552.

Exhibition bowlers for Notre Dame boys were Collin Mustico 91-81-85-257 and Kurt Marton 104-117-100-321.

BOYS: Tioga 4, Groton 0

GIRLS: Tioga 3, Groton 1

The Tioga boys shot 836, 1,031 and 929 for a 2,796, while Groton shot 775, 870 and 879 for a 2,524.

For Tioga Chris Potucek shot 159-246-224-629, while Zack Krapf shot 191-211-171-573 and Travis Moyer shot 144-225-167-536.

Josh Welch shot 201-124-194-519 and Alex Boughton shot 137-202-161-500, while Tyler Chesebro shot 141-147-175-461.

Groton was led by Travis Newell 153-178-212-543.

For the girls Ashley Sherman shot 170-213-210-593, Genevieve Burnett shot 165-158-165-488, Maddie Cotton shot 105-93-158-356, Anna Evanek shot 103-105-104-312 and Rachael Schweiger shot 93-76-78-247.

Groton was led by Ashley Jackson 136-163-138-437.