The 10th Annual District 9 Northeast Pennsylvania Trappers Association Coyote Hunt brought in a record harvest of 59 coyotes with Dean White taking the top honors for the heaviest animal over the weekend at 47.25 pounds.

He was awarded $2,000 along with the daily prize of $250 for the heaviest coyote taken on Saturday.

White's coyote was harvested in Lackawanna County using a .223 rifle and dogs.

The hunt saw animals brought in from eight counties Friday through Sunday with weigh-ins at Triton Hose Company in Tunkhannock.

Around 700 hunters participated in the weekend hunt, with Ken Keen taking top Friday honors of $250 for his 45.45-pound coyote also harvested in Lackawanna County out of 22 brought in that day.

John Taninies 40.8-pound coyote harvested in Wayne County was the largest of 14 brought in on Sunday.

Last year's hunt brought in only 37 coyotes.

Of the 59 coyotes taken this weekend, 34 were male.

The breakdown of county of harvest was: Wayne (15), Luzerne (13), Susquehanna (9), Lackawanna (8), Bradford (7), Pike (4), Sullivan (2), and Wyoming (1).

By day, each hunter's name, coyote weight in pounds and county shot are as follows:

Friday: Don O'Dell, 34.8, Susq.; Charles Murray, 40.2, Sull.; Brandon Lee, 28.8, Pike; Jake Ellex, 31.85, Wayne; Buzz Frazier, 37.9, Lack.; Dennis Hedrick, 32.55, Pike; Dave Bentler, 35.9, Lack.; Ron Davis, 42.05, Brad.; Ron Davis, 37.9, Brad.; John Amico, 37.4, Lack.; Pat Zeveney, 41.05, Luz.; Robert Price, 41.25, Pike; Brad Corby, 34.7, Luz.; Jeff Clark, 34.3, Susq.; Jeremy Gregory, 40.65, Luz.; Pat Johannes, 36.75, Wayne; John Klinkiewicz, 39.55, Wayne; John Klinkiewicz, 40.3, Wayne; Bill Zdziarski, 40.9, Wayne; George Hobbs, 31.35, Wayne; Ken Keen, 45.45, Lack.; and Jack Henerson, 39.8, Wayne.

Saturday: Ted Yarrish, 32.15, Susq.; Buzz Frazier, 40.9, lack.; Chet Pawelski, 37.4, Lack; Dean White, 47.25, Lack.; Ron Taylor, 38.3, Wyo.; Bob Brown, 36.45, Susq.; Jack Sorber, 30, Brad.; Jason Neville, 33.15, Luz.; Donald Cole, 46.75, Wayne; John Bold, 39.75, Wayne; Steve Resseguie, 38.65, Susq.; Jim Dewitt, 42.75, Susq.; Brian Stucker, 40.05, Luz.; Bill Cameron, 34.45, Susq.; Kern Dibble, 44.25, Susq.; Wade Gray, 34.35, Brad.; Josh Cragle, 34.75, Luz.; Josh Cragle, 35.6, Luz.; Jeffrey Cragle, 30.65, Luz.; Robert Cragle, 29.5, Luz.; Jody DeCresenza, 38.75, Wayne; John Klinkiewicz, 38.75 Wayne; and Dave Podunajec, 32.2 Wayne.

Sunday: Matt George, 34.6, Wayne; Russel George, 33.1; Ernest Quick, 35.7, Pike; George Hobbs, 36.3, Wayne; John Taninies, 40.80, Wayne; Harold Woodrig, 36.2, Sull.; Bill Frank, 30.35, Luz.; Bill Frank, 38.70, Luz.; Bill Frank, 32.05, Luz.; Pat Zeveney, 38.2, Luz.; Ken Keen, 29, Lack.; Gerald Lewis, 31.95, Luz.; Robert Cragle, 33.9, Luz.; and Keith Davis, 32.7, Luz.