The first round of the District IV Championship will be played today at Williamsport Country Club.

There will be four local teams at the golf championship along with a few other individuals.

Out of the NTL champions Wellsboro along with Athens and Towanda will have teams down there while Sullivan County will be competing in their second straight district competition, too.

"Districts is going to be a new experience for these guys," Wellsboro coach Ben Largey said about his team. "I think just getting some district level experience and see where it takes us, just do the best that they can."

Brett Kendrick, Zach Bower and Blair Carson qualified individually for the Hornets.

"It's been several years since we've had a team down there," Wildcat coach Jeff Novak said. "The interest level is up this year so it's exciting."

Along with the team Novak will also have individuals competing in Garrett Ulmer, Zach Sitzman and Megan Sweppenheiser.

"I would like to get at least two to the second day," Novak said. "And to be in the top 10 team wise."

No matter how they do Novak's team is excited to just have the chance to compete there.

"Two went down and practiced at Williamsport Country Club," he remarked. "They're taking the initiative; I think they'll do well because of that. They have a lot of drive this year."

Towanda coach Tim Farley is happy to be taking five kids down.

"I would to have a few more people eligible individually, we've only got two, but I think as young a team as we've had this year, to have a good solid team record and to be able to take five guys down, that's something to hang our hats on," he said. "Hopefully we'll go down there and make a good showing."

The two Knights that will be competing individually will be Dave Rodenhizer and Nick Innocenzo.

Last season Rodenhizer had a strong showing at Eagles Mere and Farley is optimistic that he can repeat that at Williamsport Country Club.

"He's had some problems with his shoulder," Farley explained. "He didn't play too badly (at Tomasso's). He's going to have to step it up but historically his best rounds have been at districts. Hopefully he'll keep that trend going."

This will be Innocenzo's first ever district competition.

"He's had a nice season," Farley said about the freshman. "He's had some up and downs, kind of a learning curve. He was medalist at Towanda and he's had some pretty horrific rounds as well but overall he's had a heck of a season. He's the real deal and if he gets out there and he works at it he's going to continue to be one of the better players in the league."

Senior Derek Wilkins, a four time district qualifier, will lead the 14-8 Griffins into Williamsport Country Club.