For the Review

The East Smithfield (ESLL) Minor Baseball team sponsored by Laurel Hill Veterinary Services put up another win at their home field Tuesday evening. The East Smithfield team came up with 15 hits while South Creek (SCLL) had four.

Anton Smith started on the mound for ESLL pitching for 3 2/3-innings. Smith had eight strikeouts, one walk, and gave up a hit. Smith went 1-2 with an RBI single. Tucker Brown took the mound for 1 1/3-innings. Brown had four strikeouts, two walks and gave up two hits. Brown went 1-for-2, earning 2-RBIs on his 2nd inning single. Jaren Glisson pitched and walked six straight batters in the top of the sixth to be relieved by closer Nathaniel Allen. Allen finished the game striking out three, walking two, giving up one hit and one wild pitch. At the plate Glisson had a single and an RBI double going 2-for-2, while Allen registered the first score of the game with his RBI single in the bottom of the first that scored Glisson. Allen went 1-for-2.

Dylan Comstock racked up 3-RBIs with two doubles and a single; Comstock went 3-for-3. Going 2-for-3, center fielder Robbie Kisner added a pair of singles to East Smithfield's batting roster and scored off Josiah Talladay's single poke in the bottom of the 2nd. Aaron Williams went 1-for-2 with a single. Troy Jennings went 1-for-3 with a single. Caleb Fritsch earned a pair of RBIs with a double and single at the plate. Fritsch went 2-for-3.

Sponsored by MAC Tools, SCLL's pitchers were C. Poulin, M. Kinner, and R. Packard. The hits for SCLL were put up by Kinner (going 1-for-2), Oldroyd (going 2-for-3) and L. Walmsley (going 1-for-1).