ELMIRA HEIGHTS, N.Y. - Tioga's hopes of winning the IAC title took a hit on Tuesday as Edison rallied for 3-1 victory over the Tigers.

Tioga took the first game 25-20, but Edison rallied to win the next three 25-18, 25-20, 25-22.

Bry Godfrey had seven kills, seven points, an ace, a block and 13 digs for Tioga and Malley Bowen had 24 assists, six points, two kills and four digs, while Erika Bailey had eight points, an ace, eight kills and nine digs.

Natalie Burns had six points, an ace, five kills, three blocks and a dig and Donette Hutchison had 20 digs and a kill, while Charlsie Bowen had 11 points, two aces, four kills and six digs.

Edison got 16 points, three aces, five kills and seven digs from Michelle Woychak and Molleigh Malanoski had 12 points, two aces and 14 assists, while Autumn Kennedy had seven points and 11 assists.

Nicole Bargesser had four points, two aces and 10 kills and Katelyn Warren had nine points, five aces, six kills, five blocks and two digs.

Chelsea Storch had three points, two kills and five digs and Becky Linderbery had four kills and two blocks.

Tioga won the JV match 25-14, 25-15. Liz Kunkler had six kills for Tioga and Kennadi Lubertowicz had 13 points.

CV 3, Canton 0

25-18, 25-13, 25-23

Becky Plummer, Kayla Schauer and Lexi Huyler had six digs each for the Indians and Vanessa Earle had seven kills.

Lakeisha Reigh and Grace Earle each had three kills.

Renee Farman and Huyler had four aces each and Grace Earle had two, while Farman had three blocks.

Kellsy Ross had seven aces, seven kills and eight digs for Canton and Chelsey Heatley had five kills, 11 digs and two aces.

CV is at Galeton on Thursday and Canton hosts Mansfield.

Troy 3, Wyalusing 0

25-21, 25-16, 27-25

The Trojans inched closer to the NTL East title with the victory on Tuesday.

Lynzi Rountree had four points, three digs and 16 assists and Taryn Hicks had 10 points, two aces, six kills and 15 digs, while Jordan Ellsworth had four points, an ace, four kills, five blocks and four digs.

Kelsey Bristol had four points, three kills, 10 digs and six assists and Mikayla Bristol had five points, 13 kills and 25 digs.

Courtney Woodward had 12 points, two aces and 21 digs and Haley Brown had two points, a block and three assists.

Wyalusing got three kills and three blocks from Joanna McGee and Roni Morrison had four kills and 11 digs, while Bailey Smith had two kills.

Cassie Nedley had two kills and eight digs and Jess Carr had two kills and three blocks.

Christina Hons had 12 assists and Erika Huffman had 10 kills and nine assists.

Wyalusing won the JV match 25-11, 25-22.

Keon Copp had five kills and three aces for Wyalusing and Leanne Miller had four aces, Brooke Force had two kills and Maddy Eberlin had five assists.

Troy got three points and two aces from Kari Ammerman and Faith Cryan had four points, while Jamie Patrick had four points and two aces. Melissa Hulslander had two points and an ace and Kristin Kinner and Alyssa MacWinnie had one point each.

Troy hosts Sayre on Thursday and Wyalusing hosts Towanda.

Towanda 3, NEB 0

25-11, 25-7, 25-14

The Black Knights got 16 points, seven kills and 10 digs from Hailey Innocenzo and Kayla Grimes had 10 points and four digs.

Alacia White had nine pints, six kills and a dig and Alysha Grimes had six points, a kill, 15 assists and five digs.

Alaina Wickwire had six points, seven kills and a dig and Paige Vanderpool had a kill and a block.

Emily Gorman had a point and six digs and Roni Black had a kill, while Lindsay Vincent had two digs.

Sarah Dawsey had two points and four digs and Tara Welliver had two points, a kill, a block and a dig and Kayla Brown had three points, six digs and six assists. Kaitlyn West had an assist and Macy Elliott had two kills, a block and a dig.

NEB got two assists from Michala Kuhlman and Jessica Uhouse had two kills and two blocks, while Mariah Everly had an ace, while Kayla Russell had three assists and Lu-Anne Antisdel had three kills.

Towanda won the JV match 25-4, 22-25, 15-7.

Samantha Peachey had 23 points and two kills for Towanda and Liz Mosier had six points, while Welliver had five points and nine kills and Dawsey had five points, two kills and two assists, while Black and Morgan Johnson each had three points and two kills.

Williamson 3, Mansfield 1

25-23, 25-10, 15-25, 25-13

Kim Daugherty had 13 kills and six blocks for Williamson and Katie Hasland had 14 points, 16 receptions and nine digs, while Lori Horton had three blocks.

Whitney Hurlburt had eight kills and 12 receptions and Lindsea Jones had 10 points and 28 assists.

Mansfield got 16 points, seven aces and 13 assists from Cassie Frederick and Shannon Madigan had 12 kills, while Maddie York had four points, two kills and eight receptions.

Mariah Berguson had five points, 12 digs and eight blocks, Becca Toothacker had three kills and six blocks and Lea Fritz had five points and three aces.

Williamson won the JV match 25-20, 25-14.

Sayre 3, Athens 0

25-17, 25-19, 25-23

Sayre got four points, nine assists and two digs from Shelby Vaughn and Brooke Wampole had 15 points, 19 digs, three kills and four blocks.

Tia Archer had six points, nine digs and a kill and Kaitlyn Tappan had 11 points, 12 digs and three assists. Paige Wampole had a kill and four blocks, Shelby Coolbaugh had five points, 16 digs and six kills and Maria Servedio had 10 digs.

Searah Kennedy had nine points, nine assists and three kills for Athens and Sarah Slocum had eight points and four digs.

Sayre won the JV 21-25, 25-13, 15-12. Caitlyn Garrity had nine points for Sayre and Rory Ressler had five points, while Brittany Hicks had 11 points.

Emileigh Bostwick had seven kills for Athens and Erin McDonald had 12 points and five digs.