Towanda graduate Adam Harris was a big surprise for the Orange last season, earning the starting fullback position and helping the team reach and win a bowl game.

After transferring to the Big East school from Division I-AA Cornell and switching from offense to defense, last year was a bit of an adjustment period for the former Black Knights star.

This year, both Harris, and the Orange, have their sights set a little higher.

"The team, we want to win a Big East title," remarked Harris.

The senior knows that, to do that, he's going to have to be leading the way, so to speak.

"I want to be consistent," Harris explained. "No (missed assignments), no lapses, just be a solid player."

With the graduation of one of the school's all-time leading scorers in Delone Carter, Harris will be clearing the way for Antwon Bailey this season and he couldn't be more excited.

"Antwon is a great back, a great guy," Harris said. "He always gives me credit for everything. He's always putting in all the extra time in film so I just love to see him have success."

It's a two way street.

"We have a lot of chemistry," Bailey said about him and Harris. "We have a ton of reps from last spring and the fall. We have a chemistry that I haven't had with a fullback ever. We work real well together."

Bailey has a lot of respect for the fellow senior.

"Ever since he made the switch over to fullback, he's been doing a great job for us," explained Bailey. "For him to make the leap from lower level football and jumping up to division one and convert to fullback. It's incredible with what he's done."

He's expecting big things out of the backfield this season.

"Definitely," remarked Bailey. "We're a running back school."

For Harris, it's all about the team success.

"If the team wins the title, I'm doing my job." He explained. "A fullback doesn't have a lot of things that are measurable, a lot of it's intangible things."

That doesn't mean he wouldn't be happy to touch the pig skin now and again.

"If they give me the ball, I will be ready for it," Harris said.

Going forward, the Black Knight believes the team is in prime position to make a run at the Big East title.

"We had a solid scrimmage," Harris said about the spring game. "I think the offense has a long way to come, but the defense is looking nice. We're definitely on track with where we need to be."

On a note closer to home, Harris will be blocking for Athens' graduate Shane Raupers on special teams plays this season.

"I get to be with Shane again, that's nice," remarked Harris, "I haven't been with him for a couple of years now. I love blocking for Shane."

He also appreciates the recognition that NTL players may now get with the two of them playing Big East football.

"I've said it before, we have good football in our area," Harris commented, "It's about time we have some recognition for it."