A year ago Notre Dame came away with a big victory over the Waverly Wolverines during the high school soccer season.

The Crusaders' Becca Watts scored the game-winning goal, while the Wolverines roster included Katie McEvoy and Kylie Newman.

Last weekend, the three were on the field again, only this time they were teammates for the Soaring Capital Renegades.

It's nothing new for McEvoy and Newman to team up with rival high school players during the summer, last year they teamed with Notre Dame's Megan Herrick on the Renegades.

But, this was a bit of a new experience for Watts as she switched travel teams this year and now teams up with her high school teammate Herrick as well as the two Waverly stars.

"I have never had a teammate from high school to play with," Herrick said of her time playing travel ball. "It's a lot of fun playing with her."

For Watts it's a bit of a change as she had been on a team with older players and now she has had to adjust to a new group.

"I was on an older group with players like Hannah Haskell," Watts said. "Everyone has been nice, everyone is very welcoming. But, it's definitely different. I had a lot of friends on my other team."

One thing that has helped Watts with the transition is having Herrick.

"That does help a lot," she said. "It's a lot easier because I know where she will be and she knows where I will be."

While McEvoy, Newman and Herrick are on the same team as last year, things have changed. The Renegades jumped up an age group from U16 to U17 this season.

"The speed of play is a lot faster," Newman said.

The girls know that this will just make things even better for them during the high school season.

"Playing the older high school players, that will help when we play in high school," McEvoy said.

Getting back on the soccer field is fun, but the one tough part has been the weather in the early part of the spring season. However, all the girls are used to the cold.

"The end of the school year it's cold, so we are used to it," McEvoy said.

"Especially when you get into sectionals, then it's really cold," Herrick added.

For Herrick and Newman there is also a little bit of a balancing act as they start spring soccer, while also running track and field for their schools.

"Track helps, it makes me quicker," Newman said

"It helps to keep me in shape," Herrick added.

While they are up an age group and they have some new faces on the Renegades, the group has some big expectations for this summer.

"We have new players and that helps a lot," McEvoy said. "Our goals are extremely high."

Last summer ended well as they finished the summer with a win over FC United who had made it to the State Cup Final Four.

Now, the Renegades hope they can make that step and have success in the State Cup.

"That's the main goal," Newman said. "We proved we could do it when we beat a FC team," she said.

All four girls are starting to think about the future and trying to get noticed by colleges.

"As a sophomore the schools couldn't talk to you yet, so that's hard, you don't know what they are thinking," McEvoy said.

"You have to try and get on their radar now," Newman said.

"We hope to have a good year and have colleges look at us."