Earning All-State honors is always exciting for an athlete.

However, for some of the area players who recently earned All-State softball honors the accolades bring special meaning.

As special as it is for Wyalusing's Ally DeVoir to earn second-team honors in Class AA and Kasey DeVoir to earn honorable mention honors, it's even more special that the twin sisters get to share it together.

"It is awesome, it's a great feeling to be on, especially with my sister," Ally said.

"It's always better when we both get it," Kasey said. "I'm really proud of her, she worked really hard, I'm really happy for both of us."

What made the honors even more amazing for the twins is that they accomplished it as sophomores.

"I always imagined it happening hopefully when I was older," Kasey said. "It feels really good for it to happen this young."

"I never expected it, I think it's a huge honor," Ally said.

Now that they have earned these honors the two are hoping to continue to have this success into the future.

"It is definitely going to make me work harder," Ally said. "I want to live up to this and not go any lower down. I want to go up higher and maybe make it to the first team eventually."

While the twins made the All-State team for Wyalusing, they know there were other players who could have earned the honors as well.

"I'm glad that me and Ally both did that," Kasey said. "There are a lot of other girls on the team I thought should have gotten All-State that didn't. I am thankful to be recognized like that."

The two hope that seeing them earn these honors will motivate some of their younger teammates.

"I hope so, I hope they see us making this team and it makes them want to work harder and hopefully get this honor to," Ally said.

"I would hope it would motivate them," Kasey said. "The girls coming up are pretty good, I'm excited to see next year."

While Ally and Kasey DeVoir earned the honors as sophomores, Wellsboro's Sarah Ingerick made it at an even earlier age, earning an honorable mention spot as a freshman.

"I hadn't really thought about being all-state as a freshman, now that I am it feels great," Ingerick said.

For Ingerick it's something she didn't expect to have happen.

"I hadn't thought about being All-State, being the best in the state," she said. "It's a really great honor, as a freshman this will make me work more to get higher and get better and better."

Ingerick is proud to represent her school on the All-State list.

"Coming from Wellsboro, it's a small town that doesn't get much recognition," Ingerick said. "The team is so proud. Not many people take us seriously, this should open their eyes."

What made it more special for Wellsboro was Ingerick and her teammate Maggie Smith, who earned second-team honors, both making the list.

"I don't know how many times that has happened before, but probably not many," Ingerick said.

As Ingerick starts her career, Troy's Kelly Bridgham earned second-team honors as a perfect way to cap her senior year.

"It's a great way to wrap up my softball career," she said.

For Bridghman earning All-State is pretty special.

"It's really exciting, I'm a little surprised, it's quite an honor," she said.

Bridgham remembers when she started at Troy watching the older kids earn these same honors.

"As a freshman with Kate (Pratt) and Courtney (Mattocks), I looked forward to when I got older trying to do the same things," Bridgham said.

As a freshman Bridgham learned from All-State catcher Mattocks and now she finished her career with the same honor.

"As far as we went freshman year with Courtney behind the plate, she was someone good to play behind freshman year. She motivated me to play like her when I got older. It was nice to be able to do a lot of the same things as those seniors did."

As a freshman Bridgham was part of a team that won a district title and she was happy her senior year to have some big success, winning a league title.

"It started off like that when I was younger and to have it end like that to was exciting," Bridgham said.

After looking up to players like Pratt and Mattocks when she was a freshman, Bridgham knows some of this year's younger kids probably looked up to her the same way.

"I am sure it will be the same situation for all of them, they will look to end the season the same way we did," she said.

Next year Northeast Bradford's Calla Johnson will wrap up her standout career and she will be looking to continue the success she had this year when she earned second-team All-State honors in Class A.

"It feels really good to get these honors, it just shows how much hard work really does pay off," Johnson said.

For Johnson the honor is extra special to share it with three of her teammates: Chelsie Souto, MaKaylah Holbert and Maddy Johnson.

"Knowing that three of my teammates also got honors, it's really impressive, they all work really hard," Johnson said.

One of those players, Maddy Johnson, is Calla's step sister so it's extra special for the two to each earn All-State honors the same year.

"Maddy and I work together all the time and to have both of us get these honors feels great," Calla said. "I'm a proud sister. It's a special thing."

Johnson is happy to see a small school like Northeast Bradford get this kind of recognition.

"It's great to see us get recognized because a lot of people just call us 'a little school in the middle of nowhere.' That's really not what we are, we work so hard for everything we achieve."

And, earning this honor will make Johnson work even harder her senior year.

"This motivates me next year by doing my best, trying to get into college hopefully," she said.