Matching up with the 6-foot Kim Daugherty is hard for opposing teams.

Matching up with Daugherty and her 6-foot, 3-inch teammate Lori Horton is nearly impossible.

Williamson's twin towers have been giving teams across the NTL West double trouble this year and that's meant plenty of victories for the Warriors.

Even if a Williamson player misses a shot, with Horton and Daugherty inside there will likely be second and third chances to score.

"Lori gets a lot of offensive rebounds and puts them back in," Daugherty said.

Both players are among the league leaders in scoring and Horton has been putting up huge numbers recently, getting back-to-back triple doubles last week and scoring 26 points with 17 rebounds against Mansfield.

"I can have nights where I don't score and I know Lori will," Daugherty said. "And, there will be nights she struggles and I can score."

While winning an NTL West title isn't something the two have done during their basketball careers, they have had plenty of postseason success in volleyball.

The two played a key role in helping the volleyball team reach the state finals and now that is carrying over to basketball.

"We are just pumped up to have a good basketball season," Horton said. "We had a great volleyball season and now we have come to basketball and are having a good season."

"I'm really proud of this team," Daugherty said.

With two players the size of Horton and Daugherty inside, and after getting off to a strong start, the Warriors know teams are gearing up to play them.

"We definitely have an X on our backs," Horton said. "Other teams are ready to play good against us."

Horton, Daugherty and fellow starter Jenna Hugic all were key players on the state finalist volleyball team and that relationship helps during basketball season.

"We all know where each other will be," Horton said. "This whole team gets along so well. We are a small team and that makes us close."

"It helps that we are so close," Daugherty said.

After a season-ending injury to McKenna Greenwalt, and with Cheyenne Jones missing time during the year with injuries, the Warriors have had to count on some younger players to step up.

"It's sad that McKenna is hurt, especially during her senior year," Daugherty said. "We all pick each other up and everyone has done a good job."

While some younger players have stepped in for Williamson this year, both Horton and Daugherty know that they have to stay on the floor to keep the size advantage, and that means being careful with fouls.

"It is hard for me," Daugherty said. "I was pretty foul happy and to bring my fouls down from about four to one a game is a big thing."

"It's really hard you have to play good defense, but not foul," Horton said. "You need to still be aggressive, but be smart."

One of the key things for Williamson's post players is to see how a game is being called early on and go from there.

"It depends on the refs and what the refs are calling," Daugherty said. "Some of them call things really tight and if they do then you have to be more careful."

The two also need to be ready to play for the entire game at times.

"We feel like we can run the floor better than most teams," Horton said.

"You get tired, but you have to make sure to keep your head in the game," Daugherty added.

The two know that not only will they play a lot of minutes, but the game plan will be to get the ball into them a lot.

"We don't really worry a lot about the outside shots," Horton said. "We try to get the ball inside a lot."

"We like to work the inside game," Daugherty said. "We have some great passers on this team to get us the ball."

And, if Horton or Daugherty is double teamed, they know their teammates can step up.

"I trust anyone on this team," Horton said.

Williamson's players know that this is the year to have a big season, with four seniors in the starting lineup.

While Horton is the one non-senior in the starting lineup, she's been playing with this group her whole life.

"It's going to definitely be different next year," she said. "I've played with the seniors my whole life, it's like I'm one of them. It's going to be really different next year."

While there is a lot of big goals for the rest of this year, starting with trying for an NTL West crown, Williamson knows they can't get caught looking ahead.

"That's our goal, but we have to play one game at a time," Daugherty said.