Canton Warriors

Head Coach: Bob Rockwell

Assistant Coach: Lyle Wesneski

Record last season: 23-2

Returnees (position): Trevor Route (2B), Connor Route (1B), Garrett Wesneski (P, 3B), Kyle Landis (LF), Chase Pepper (P, OF), Tanner Machmer (3B), John Bowman (P, CF), Mason Martell (1B, P), Travis Butcher (C), Tim Bassett (OF), Mason Moore (SS), Lee Rogers (OF), Chase Dapp (INF), Jarin Segur (INF)

Comments on Returnees: We have several Senior and Junior returnees from last year's team. I'm hoping experience will help us.

Newcomers: Bryce Cole (INF, OF), Clayton Tymeson (P, INF), Tyler Cole (P, OF), Jordan Bentley (OF)

Comments on Newcomers: I'm hoping some of the newcomers can fit in and give us some quality innings and help in situational ball.

Expected pitchers: Garrett Wesneski, Chase Pepper, John Bowman, Mason Martell.

Comments on Pitchers: Garrett, Chase and John give us some quality arms who have been in tough situations before. The key is to keep them healthy and develop some other arms such as Martell, Cole and Tymeson.

Player(s) to watch: We have several kids coming up from the JV program that need to fill in some gaps. This could be a number of players and time will tell who does step up.

Overall thoughts on this year's team: I like our team at Canton, we just must remain healthy and simply play to our potential.

Thoughts on the league this season: We are in the Small School Division this year with NEB, Sayre, Williamson and CV. I don't know a lot about their returnees, so it's hard to say where the toughest competition will come from. In the Large School you always know Towanda will be tough. Wyalusing, Athens, Troy, Wellsboro and Mansfield will have some very talented young kids who will be tough once they get some seasoning.

Williamson Warriors

Head Coach: Brett Smalley

Assistant Coaches: Greg Cook

Returnees (position): Kyle Colegrove (C), Troy Adriance (OF)

Comments on Returnees: Both are returning Seniors who are talented all-around players. They are both leaders and positive role models.

Newcomers (position): Daltyn Confer (INF, P), Matt Learn (OF, P), Johnny Daley (INF, P), Collin Heilbrun (INF), Billy Barnes (INF), Wyatt Gorg (OF, C), Herman Briggs (OF), Luis Silva (OF), Tyrus Hamblin (OF), Trevor McWhorter (INF), Kyle Mollenkapf (INF, OF), Mike Snyder (OF), Jake Rice (INF), Anthony Bastian (INF).

Comments on Newcomers: We have a good solid core of young talent coming up this year along with some upperclassmen that lend a lot of athletic ability to the team.

Expected pitchers: Colegrove, Confer, Learn, Adriance, Bastian.

Comments on pitchers: I am very confident in our pitchers' ability to locate their pitches and throw consistent strikes. Coach Cook has been working with them fairly tirelessly and we are expecting good things.

Overall thoughts on this year's team: This year's team may be one of the most well rounded teams I have had. There is a lot of potential with this group. It's just a matter of getting all of the pieces in place for us. The boys are eager to get out on the field and show everyone what they can do.

Thoughts on the league this season: The league is strong again this year. Lots of quality ball players with great coaching. It will make for a very competitive season.

Troy Trojans

Head Coach: Steve Mattocks

Assistant Coach: Tony Carter

Record last season: 4-16

Returnees: Stanley Zimmerman (12, OF), Ryan Reeves (12, OF), Jarod Mattocks (11, INF), Kyle Jackson (11, P), Chance Lantz (11, OF), Mitchel Morse (11, INF), Kyle Schucker (10, C), Dane Smith (10, INF), Collin Binford (10, OF), Nathan Swain (10, OF).

Comments on Returnees: We have 10 kids returning from last year. All 10 kids were everyday players, this year they will have that game experience we lacked last year.

Newcomers: Jed Wright (12), Ethan Calkins (12), Luke Horning (12), Jason Esaias (12), Nick Hunsicker (12), Brandon Mattocks (11), Isaac Havens (11), Brock Schucker (11), 13 other players.

Comments on Newcomers: Lot of athletic kids came out to play baseball this year. Extremely excited about all the ways these new kids will help out the baseball program.

Starting Pitching: Kyle Jackson (11), Jarod Mattocks (11), Isaaic Havens (11), Kyle Schucker (10)

Comments on Pitchers: Jackson and Mattocks both picked up their first varsity win last year, Schucker threw 15 innings of varsity and 15 innings of JV. Havens comes in as a first year player, all four kids have great control and power.

Players to Watch: Jed Wright (12), Brandon Mattocks (11), Isaac Havens (11)

Team Thoughts: With the starters we have coming back plus added pitching and hitting we will be a team that competes for a district spot plus, we will be able to help decide the NTL this year.

League thoughts: Tough, Tough, AND Tougher. Canton is returning state runner up plus all of its pitchers. Towanda has the other three best pitchers in the league. The rest of the league will beat up on each other while Canton and Towanda will set the bar for the league.

Wellsboro Green Hornets

Head Coach: Philip Prough

Assistant Coaches: Shane Mascho, Tim Frazier, Dave Allen

Record last season: 14-6

Returning Players: Dylan Prough (12, CF), Brian Doty (12, OF), Brandon Owlett (12, 2B), Dawson Prough (10, INF), Joe Allen (10, INF), Cody DeHaas (12, OF), Nate Harding (12, OF)

Newcomers: Nick Tremper (10, C), Sam Moss (10, INF), James Mundy (10, INF), Nick Levindoski (11, INF), Brett Kendrick (11, INF), Dakota Merriman (12, OF), Larry Walters (10, OF), Jeremy Kreger (10, OF)

Projected Pitchers: Brandon Owlett, Dylan Prough, Dawson Prough, Joe Allen, Sam Moss, James Mundy

Thoughts on this year's team: Wellsboro begins a rebuilding process this year as four or five sophomores are projected to start. Returning are four key players from last year, three of which are seniors: Dylan Prough, Brandon Owlett and Brian Doty. Also returning is NTL Rookie of the Year, Dawson Prough. Pitching will be key for us as we project four sophomores to see significant time on the mound. But we return one of the hardest throwing pitchers in the league with Brandon Owlett and arguably the best defensive outfielder in the league with Dylan Prough. Our defense up the middle will be solid so we hope to remain competitive this year with the return of four core starters.

Thoughts on the league this season: Canton will be the favorite given their deep pitching staff. Towanda may be the deepest team and will be the favorite among the big school division of the NTL. Our season will hinge on the play of our seniors. If our seniors play to their potential, we will be very competitive and in the mix.

Notre Dame Crusaders

Head Coach: Bill Hopkins

Assistant Coaches: Bob Townson, Jamie Hopkins

Record last season: 16-7

Returnees (position): Hunter Thomas (SS, P), Parker May (P, 3B), Derek Marshall (C, P), Joe Prunier (OF), Sam Bruner (OF), Kyle Minchin (OF)

Comments on Returnees: All of our returners have very good speed and positional versatility allowing us to take the next base as well as mix and match infield and outfield positions according to what we may need for a particular opponent.

Newcomers (position): Brian Hale (Inf), Cameron Reid (1B, P), Chris Karam (Inf), Matt LaBadie (C, OF), Colin Mustico (1B, OF)

Comments on Newcomers: our newcomers add a little pop to our lineup as well as a glimpse into the future with ND baseball.

Expected Pitchers: Parker May, Hunter Thomas, Joe Prunier, Cameron Reid, Derek Marshall, Kyle Minchin

Comments on Pitchers: All of our pitchers give us a nice mix of lefties and righties as well as experience. Parker and Hunter both pitched in big games last year. I look for them as well as our staff to have solid seasons.

Player(s) to watch: Hunter Thomas hit nearly .500 last season and anchored our infield defense at SS. Parker May hit over .400 last season. Sam Bruner will be our lead-off man this season. We missed his speed, his bat and his defense in our post-season run last year as he broke his wrist in the latter third of the season. Our outfield should be fun to watch with their ability to run fly balls down. Derek Marshall may be one of the top catchers in the area with his ability to call a game, block pitches and gun down baserunners. Hale and Reid add some pop and speed to our lineup.

Overall thoughts on this year's team: I like our team speed, our pitching staff, our defense as well as our hitting potential. Nobody knows how their players are going to hit once we get outside but we do have proven hitters. Last year's experience going to the Class D Sectional Finals with our youth may help us as we move to Class C. There are a lot of very good Class C teams in Section IV. We will enjoy the competition as we test ourselves against those good teams.

Thoughts on the league this season: Every team, it seems, has good returning players. There are a lot of good pitchers in our league which can hold good hitting teams at bay. As baseball goes, it will be the teams that get the most out of their pitching staff, that play the best defense and that knock the ball with their bats around using all fields. It is not a secret about baseball. We hope to be competitive in our league.

Mansfield Tigers

Head Coach: Matt Perry

Assistant Coaches: Levon Whitmyer, Joe Zaparzynski, Bob Dinger

Returnees (position): Brady Andrews (IF), Max Colegrove (OF), Bryce Zaparzynski (IF), Jarrod Burd (INF)

Comments on Returnees: I have a solid core of players back from last year's team. Some of the guys have moved to new positions, but they have adjusted well.

Newcomers (position): Matt Sullivan (OF), JP Shaw (INF), Rylan Whitmyer (C)

Comments on Newcomers: The team has welcomed a large group of newcomers that look to be experienced in their position. There are some guys battling for a starting job in the outfield, as well as the infield. Hopefully, the weather breaks soon so we may look at some players under game-like conditions.

Expected Pitchers: Brady Andrews, Bryce Zaparzynski, Jarrod Burd, JP Shaw, Ryan Campbell, and Carl Dinger.

Player(s) to watch: Bryce Zaparzynski will try and replace last year's POY Taylor Hillson.

Overall thoughts on this year's team: I think we are going to surprise some teams this season. The guys have worked hard and are excited for the season to begin. They are expecting to compete for a league championship. They enjoyed success last year and are hungry for more.

Thoughts on the league this season: With the league undergoing changes again, it should alter some things. Towanda is always in the mix in the big school division. Athens had a good squad last season. Obviously, Canton should be strong in the small division.

Sayre Redskins

Head Coach: Jon Pack

Assistant Coaches: Mickey Farrell and Tyler Young

Record last season: 5-13

Returnees: Cuyler Kochin, Mike Rogers, Marshall Felt, Nick Hall, Jake Wheeler, Jay Green, Derrik Keir, J.P. Harbst and Tom Cook.

Newcomers: Tyler Crossett, Matt Williams, Chris Ray, Jake Goodrich, John Esposito, Chris Harmon, Phil Wood, Dylan Bussiere, Dan Rumsey, Damon Whipple, Mike Ward, Patt McConnell, Pat Cooley, Ryan Strope, Matt Ingrassia, Phil Hall and Tyler Harbst.

Expected pitchers: Matt Williams, Marshall Felt, Mike Rogers, Derrik Keir, Nick Hall and Cuyler Kochin.

Overall thoughts on this year's team: We are very young with a lot of new faces. The underclassmen will have to fill holes from last year's departing seniors. If we can stay healthy we should have a solid pitching staff. We are looking to be competitive this season.

Thoughts on the league this season: The NTL will be competitive this year with multiple teams vying for the top spot.

Northeast Bradford Panthers

Head Coach: Brian Pifer

Assistant Coaches: Ken Crown and Leon Powell

Record last season: 3-17

Returnees (position): Bryan Ford (11, 1B), Aaron Pifer (11, 2B), Nik Geiser (10, SS, P), Cody Clark (12, C), Austin Saxer (12, OF), Jeremiah Harvey (12, OF)

Comments on Returnees: Cody Clark, Bryan Ford and Aaron Pifer will provide the veteran leadership which is needed on the 2014 edition of the Northeast Bradford baseball team with 12 freshman players. Nik Geiser is returning from a strong freshman season. Newcomers (position): Brian Horton, Tyler Emick, Garret Smith, David Ford, Adam Ford, Nate Watkins, Alec Morris, Derrick Newman, Nate Chilson, Roland Phytila

Comments on Newcomers: The freshman class of 12 players gives Northeast Bradford an influx of players with good skill sets and achievements at previous levels of baseball. These players possess a strong desire to learn and compete at this level.

Expected Pitchers: Nik Geiser, Brian Horton, Derrick Newman, Nate Chilson, Jeremiah Harvey, Bryan Ford, Adam Ford, Nate Watkins

Comments on Pitchers: We have a young pitching staff and we will concentrate on mechanics and throwing strikes as we gain confidence and experience.

Player(s) to watch: The young core of players will be exciting to watch this year.

Overall thoughts on this year's team: We are looking forward to the new league-scheduling format. We expect to learn, get better and compete during the season. You never know - that's why you play the games.

Thoughts on the league this season: The new league format of big school, small school will add an interesting twist. I expect a competitive and unpredictable finish.

Athens Wildcats

Head Coach: Brendan Hitchcock

Assistant Coaches: Neil Wheaton, Randy Vargason

Returnees: Jay Adams (12, RF), Neil Carpenter (12, 1B), Daniel Fisher (12, 2B), Jon Kleiner (12, LF), Stag Shadduck (12, 2B, C), Jake Shaffer (12, 2B, C), Troy Stivason (12, SS, P), Chris Apgar (11, 1B), Tyler Forbes (11, P, 3B, CF), Sam Perri (11, P, LF), Jarett Priester (11, 1B), Ben Rubert (11, P, SS), Tyler Secules (11, LF), Zane Vargason (11, P, CF), Nick Vosburg (11, RF, C, P), Andrew Burnett (10, CF), Collin Hadlock (10, CF), Adam Hunsinger (10, CF), Dalton Arnold (10, LF)

Comments on Returnees: There is a solid core of returning players in all facets of the game that should be a nice nucleus. Certain players may find themselves with different roles than in the past and need to be willing to embrace this change for the betterment of the team.

Newcomers: Luke Newman (9, 1B, 3B), Cody Jennings (P, 3B), Nick Barry (9, LF), Matt Collins (P, C, 2B), Matt Depew (9, LF), Marc Felt (9, P, 1B), Joe Horn (9, P, 1B), Daniel Joyce (9, 1B, C), Ryan Kennedy (9, 2B, SS), Mitch Kerrick (9, LF), Paul Liddle (9, 1B), Justin Reagan (9, SS, P), Austin Robert (9, 3B), Andrew Rosenberger (9, RF), Jarod Stanfield (9, RF, 1B), Freeman Stephens (9, LF).

Comments on Newcomers: The freshman class includes 15 players of which several will compete to be integral varsity starters of the future. A couple of them have a chance to break into the varsity ranks this season.

Expected Pitchers: Troy Stivason, Tyler Forbes, Ben Rubert, Zane Vargason, Nick Vosburg, Cody Jennings, Matt Collins, Marc Felt, Joe Horn, Justin Reagan

Comments on pitchers: The collective pitching staff should accomplish the task of keeping us in games. If they can get the run support they deserve we can be very successful.

Overall thoughts on this year's team: We are very pleased with how coachable this squad has been thus far. We anticipate with the right progress that we can contend for a league title and find ourselves in the post season prepared to make a run in District 4.

Thoughts on the league this season: We anticipate that the league will be competitive with 3 or so teams in the mix until the wire. We plan to be one of those teams, but are aware of the challenges we will face and are working to prepare for the task in front of us one game at a time.

Towanda Black Knights

Head Coach: Bill Sexton

Assistant Coaches: Karl Raffin, Casey Baker, Ethan Sexton

Record last season: 14-8

Returnees: Lettermen - Sawyer Strope (12, P, OF), Jared Lines (12, OF, P), Dylan Bates (11, P, SS), Nick Place (11, P, C), Tristan James (11, P, C), Richard Benjamin (12, 3B, 1B), Ethan Barto (10, 2B), Landon Brown (10, OF); Returning players - Matt Murphy (12), Michael Johnson (11), Dayton Dunn (11), Keegan McNeal (11), Austin Muller (11), Devin Patel (11), Paul Carron (11), Mark Barton (10), Martin Lauber (10), Mason Pruyne (10), Mitchell Shoemaker (10).

Newcomers: Terrick Vargason (12), Noah Huff (11), Nevin Nolte (11), Brandon McLinko (10), Tyler Bidlack (9), Dusty Crayton (9), Ryan Funk (9), Keegan Kisner (9), Caleb Lines (9), Shane Martin (9), Troy Pierce (9), Ricky Smiley (9), Ben Seymour (9).

Expected Pitchers: Sawyer Strope, Nick Place, Tristan James, Ty Johnson

Comments on Pitchers: Pitching should be a strong point with four lettermen returning and 11 others working off the mounds to add depth.

Players to watch: Sawyer Strope, Jared Lines, Dylan Bates, Nick Place, Tristan James

Overall thoughts on this year's team: We have a solid veteran group at skill positions: pitcher, catcher, shortstop and good depth with 33 players. From quantity hopefully will come quality.

Thoughts on the league this season: Always very competitive, Canton coming off a state runner-up season should be a major challenge. In Large School Wellsboro, Mansfield, Wyalusing and Athens are all returning strong rosters.

Cowanesque Valley Indians

Head Coach: Geoff Whitesell

Assistant Coaches: Kevin McLean

Record last season: 4-13

Returnees (position): Brandon Whitesell (12, P, SS, 3B), Ryan Freeman (12, LF), Brandon McLean (11, C, 3B, P), Nate Bonham (11, 2B), Tyler Cline (11, RF), Ethan Mead (11, RF, 3B, C), Tyler Melko (10, SS, P), Connor Callaman (10, RF, P), Casey McLaughlin (10, 2B)

Newcomers (position): Dalton McCullen (9), Cody Outman (9), Brendan Bell (9)

Expected Pitchers: Brandon Whitesell, Tyler Melko, Brandon McLean, Connor Callaman, Brendan Bell

Player(s) to watch: Brandon Whitesell, Ryan Freeman, Tyler Melko

Overall thoughts on this year's team: With eight returning starters and three promising newcomers we have high hopes for the upcoming season.

Waverly Wolverines

Head Coach: Kyle J McDuffee

Assistant Coaches: Charlie Havens, Volunteer Assistant Coach Mark Kuzma, Coach Jamie Van Duzer

Record last season: 18-5

Returnees (position): Dylan Perry (12, P, SS), Zac Saxon (11, P, CF), Alex Uhl (12, P, OF), Colton Miller (12, P, OF), Garrett Mann (12, DH, OF), Tim Sutton (12, 3B)

Comments on Returnees: This is a bunch of baseball players that knows what it will take to win; they will be a big influence on the younger guys on the team.

Newcomers (position): Jason Morales (8, C), Brendyn Stillman (9, OF), Peyton Miller (10, INF), Kyle Kinsley (11, 1B), Mike Girolamo (11, C), Alex Volpe (11, P, INF, OF), Colin Traub (11, P, INF)

Comments on Newcomers: This is a very good young group of talent that has all the tools to win.

Expected Pitchers: Dylan Perry, Alex Uhl, Colin Traub, Colton Miller, Alex Volpe, Zac Saxon, Jordan Carter

Comments on Pitchers: This is a very strong group of pitchers who will be very fun to watch this year.

Player(s) to watch: Dylan Perry, Brendyn Stillman, Jason Morales, Zac Saxon, Kyle Kinsley, Alex Uhl, Colton and Peyton Miller.

Overall thoughts on this year's team: We are preparing to defend our Division title and go after a Section IV title.

Thoughts on the league this season: We have a very strong league this year with the addition of Edison and a strong Notre Dame. This is going to be good baseball to watch.

Sullivan County Griffins

Head Coach: Patrick Gitschlag

Assistant Coaches: John Mincemoyer, Josh Metzger and Kevin Newman

Returnees (position): Conner Wylie (1B, INF, P), Jacob Gavitt (OF, P), Colton Fry (3B, P), Taylor Shenk (INF, P), Stephen MacElhaney (OF, P), Robert Hoffman (OF, P)

Comments on Returnees: Solid group of upper classmen that are leaders and expect to win. They are all hardworking and understand that they have a role on the team.

Newcomers: Jeremy Houck (1B, 3B, P), Taylor Baldwin (Utility, P), Aaron Wheeler (1B, P), Jonathan Pedro (INF), Jordan Pedro (C), Tyler Lovelady (C)

Comments on Newcomers: These underclassmen are looking to make an immediate impact at the varsity level. Solid group of kids for the foundation of the next four years.

Expected Pitchers: Conner Wylie, Robert Hoffman, Jacob Gavitt, Colton Fry, Taylor Shenk, Stephen MacElhaney, Taylor Baldwin, Jeremy Houck, Aaron Wheeler

Comments on Pitchers: Inexperienced but all show moxie and promise. We look forward to seeing them develop.

Players to Watch: Jacob Gavitt, Conner Wylie, Colton Fry, Stephen MacElhaney and Taylor Shenk.

Overall thoughts on this year's team: I have heard people counting us out because they are young and lost a lot but I feel that we will be very competitive and battle each night out.

Thoughts on the league this season: The league will be very competitive from top to bottom. So we will be in a dog fight.

Wyalusing Rams

Head coach: Dave Hitchcok

Assistant Coaches: Bill Lutz and Steve Pickett

Record last year: 10-9

Returning players: Jordan Salsman (12), Cody Pickett (12), Isaac Bennett (10), Dylan Otis (11), Kyle Tinna (11), Devon Carr (11)

Newcomers: Holdan Hitchcock (9), Patrick Salsman (9), Ridge Williams (10), Hunter Brewer (10), Collin Edsell (10), Dawson Otis (9), Alec Drake (10), Zack Ziedner (12)

Thoughts on team this year: I think we are going to be very young. Infield wise we are going to be very young and inexperienced. The good thing is most are freshmen and sophomores so I have them for a few years. Outfield that is where more of our juniors and seniors are so that's where our experience is. Our pitching staff is pretty inexperienced with Andrew (Pickett) graduating last year, he threw the majority of big games for us. Cody (Pickett) and Dylan Carr will throw the most innings for us. Dylan will have to throw for us, Kyle Tinna will have to come from behind the plate and throw.

Thoughts on the league: Our league is funny, Elk Lake asked where we see ourselves in the league and I said I see ourselves in the middle of the pack. Towanda returns three great juniors. Canton, granted they are small school, but they are a returning Class A finalist, they will have an impact because they will beat some large schools. Athens has a lot back, and they have a new coach up there. Being in large schools with the Wellsboro's and Mansfield's I think a lot of games will be ones where they are close ones. You have to give the nod to Towanda after last year and they have a lot back. Athens has a lot back and Wellsboro will be in contention and Troy will be a pesky team. I do think it will be a very competitive league. I do think everyone will be behind early on because of the weather. If you are going to beat some of the big schools you will need to beat them early.

Tioga Tigers

Head Coach: Bob Seymour

Assistant Coaches: Nate Newman, Kevin Evanek

Record last season: 11-3 Div. 12-4 IAC 14-4 Regular Season

Returnees (position): Jake Howland (12, C), Dakota Skinner (12, 1B, P), Ryan Vergason (12, SS), Carter Jackson (12, 1B, OF, P), Travis Moyer (12, INF), Steven Lounsbury (12, OF), Peter Simmons (11, P, 1B), Adam Layman (11, OF, P), Jesse Manuel (10, P, OF)

Comments on Returnees: Solid group of returning players including All-Stars Jake Howland, Ryan Vergason, Peter Simmons, Jesse Manuel, Carter Jackson and Dakota Skinner.

Newcomers (position): Tanner Folk (10, C, 3B), Parker Hendershot (9, P, INF, OF)

Comments on Newcomers: Both Tanner and Parker came up to Varsity in the post season last year and looked very promising. Both have looked very good in pre-season and will blend in nicely with the returning players to give us a solid team.

Expected Pitchers: Peter Simmons, Jesse Manuel, Carter Jackson, Parker Hendershot, Dakota Skinner, and Adam Layman.

Comments on Pitchers: Both Peter and Jesse had outstanding years last year and we look for them and the rest of the pitchers to be just as dominant this year.

Player(s) to watch: Simmons, Manuel, Howland, Jackson, Skinner, Vergason, Hendershot, and Folk.

Overall thoughts on this year's team: Have all of our starters back from last year's team and all of our pitchers as well. I look for this team to be very competitive in the IAC and Sectionals.

Thoughts on the league this season: New Divisions as TAE moves to the IAC South Large with END, Waverly, Newark Valley, and Watkins Glen. IAC South Small will be Tioga, Candor, S-VE, O-M, and Newfield.