Last season Mallory Moore had one of the greatest seasons ever by a Mansfield University women's basketball player.

She became the first women's player in school history to lead the PSAC in scoring, she went over 1,000 points for her career and she recorded the first triple double in school history.

Now, Moore is ready to take on the next challenge in her professional career as she has signed with the Denmark professional club Lemvig.

Earlier this summer, Moore got a taste of what professional basketball would be like, and got a chance to make contacts that helped her get her first pro contract as she headed to Italy with a group of 14 American players from all levels of college basketball to play against pro teams and even the Italian National Team.

"It was different," Moore said. "I was prepared and I felt like I did well. It was really different there though. You had a 24 second shot clock there and things were a lot different than here, but I thought I held my own."

And Moore knows that experience helped her get a foot in the door with pro teams.

"I had a lot of contacts from pro teams," she said. "I had a lot of pro teams get in touch with me and it's just a matter of finding the right fit."

Moore knows that there will be a big adjustment as she prepares for her professional career.

"It will be a lot different," she said. "I have never gone anywhere else to play basketball. But, I'm ready for something else."

There will be some things she has to get used to playing in a new country, such as the players and the language.

"One big challenge for me will be to learn what the new girls there do," Moore said. "I have played with the girls at Mansfield for the past four years and at Central Mountain since I was seven, so it's a new group of players to get used to.

"They also speak a different language and I will have to learn that," Moore said. "It will be real hard, but I am going to try and learn the language as quick as I can. The one good thing is that most of the stuff on the court in basketball you can understand in any language."

Moore also knows that she will go from being a senior last season, and one of the older players in every game, to being one of the youngest players on the court.

"There will definitely be some older players who are stronger and more experienced," Moore said. "But, I feel like I have something they might not have to. I am younger and maybe a little quicker."

After leading her conference in scoring last year, Moore knows she will now be in a situation where she will be surrounded by other star players. She also knows she will likely get less defensive attention paid to her when she first gets there.

"It will be a challenge at first," she said. "When we went over there (to Italy) it was nice at first because everyone didn't know me. But, at the end people knew what No. 10 was all about.

"There will be a lot of pressure off me, but at the same time there will be the pressure that I'm now getting paid to play basketball now."

For Moore this is what she has been waiting her whole career for.

"I'm definitely excited, this was the goal since I was young to play overseas," she said. "I worked hard for it and I'm excited."