LERAYSVILLE - Coming into today's meet Northeast Bradford knew it was going to be tough.

Last week Towanda had a strong showing at the Lasagna Invitational where they beat all the other NTL teams.

"I was a little worried there for a little," Northeast Bradford's Curt Jewett said.

"They looked good," added fellow Panther Sam Williams.

But last Saturday the Panthers had a good showing and used that to propel them to a 23-33 win over the Black Knights in boy's cross-country action Tuesday.

"After our strong showing Saturday we just needed that little boost to say that we can do this," Jewett explained.

"We felt a little more confident," Williams added.

NEB also beat Sayre 18-39 while the Black Knights defeated Sayre 23-33.

"There's was no sandbagging today," Williams said. "We were very happy we managed to secure a win over a very competitive NTL team."

Jewett and Willliams nearly set their home course record as they finished 1-2 at 15:48.

Towanda's Aaron Valoroso was third in 16:25.

They planned for Valoroso to give them a push Tuesday after his big win last week.

"He made that look easy," Jewett remarked about Valoroso's Lasagna win. "He's just walked away and did real good and he had good competition from the NTL."

Towanda's Simon Smith finished fourth at 16:28 while Northeast Bradford's Levi Upham rounded out the top five in 16:43.

Panther Brandon Devonshire (17:20) was sixth, Sayre's Lorenzo Servedio (17:28) and Nick Sweet (17:31) was seventh and eighth while Towanda's Schuyler Smith (17:47) and Kevin Blackman (17:56) took ninth and 10th.

Sayre's Nathan Romanauski (17:57) finished 11th, Northeast's Derek Allabaugh (18:30) was 12th, Sayre's Andy Platt (18:48) finished 13th, Panther Ben Horton (18:59) was 14th and Towanda's Derrick Cole (19:13) took 15th.

In junior high boys Northeast took the top five spots. Austin Senn-Bishop won in 9:22 followed by Garret Smith at 9:33. Nate Mosier was third in 10:10, Brian Horton fourth in 10:18 and Tyler Devonshire fifth in 10:41.

Sayre's Jeremy Marshall was sixth in 10:48 with Towanda's Nate Secules seventh in 10:49.

Northeast beat Towanda and Sayre 15-50.

Wyalusing 19, Troy 38; Troy 25, Athens 29; Wyalusing 20, Athens 39

ATHENS - Wildcat Matt Millard won the over race at roundtop in boy's cross-country action Tuesday.

The Athens' senior ran in 17:45.86, edging out Wyalusing's Aaron Woodruff in 17:46.39.

Troy's Robin Vanhoutte was third in 17:50.17.

The Rams took the next four spots with Zamien Benditt-Parks in fourth at 17:51.96, Matt Woodruff in fifth at 18:37.82, Jordan Schools sixth in 18:46.87 and Brenten Gerould seventh in 18:52.85.

Athens' Alex Walters (18:56.94) was eighth while Troy's Zac Schonher (19:15.20) and Eli Laue (19:13.90) rounded out the top 10.

In 11th was Wyalusing's Mark Kuzmierz at 19:28.25, 12th was Troy's Jordan Grimes in 19:33.05, 13th was Athens' Gabe Herbst in 19:36.33, taking 14th was Josh Madigan at 19:45.56 and 15th was Troy's Ethan Calkins in 19:50.59.

In junior high boys Athens' Jeffrey Gao won the race in 11:49.07 while Troy took the next five spots led by Kal Weidner in 11:49.33. Kaleb Turner was third in 12:26.58, Zane Longwell finished fourth in 12:29, Jarod Rathburn was fifth in 12:30.44 and Avery Watkins sixth in 12:34.58.

Wyalusing's Joe Stetch was seventh in 12:54.18.

Canton 26, Wellsboro 29; Wellsboro 17, CV 40; Canton 15, CV 44

Wellsboro's Jordan Jackson won the race at Mansfield high school Tuesday with a time of 16:30.

Canton's Emmett Watson was second in 16:54 while teammate Brennan Gleckner took third at 17:00.

Fourth was Hornet Bobby Hill in 17:02, fifth Canton's Brooks Gleckner in 17:09, sixth Wellsboro's Joey Doganiero in 17:51, seventh Canton's Mike Mann in 18:59, eighth Wellsboro's Derick Morgan in 18:59, ninth Canton's Brendan Cohick in 18:59 and rounding out the top 10 was CV's Matt Streeter at 19:09.

CV's Dylan Cleveland finished 11th in 19:20 followed by Wellsboro's Dakota Cleveland in 11th at 19:22. CV's Bryan Fuller was 13th in 19:47, Canton's Dylan Marbaker 14th in 19:48 while fellow Warrior Cody Vanryn was 15th in 19:50.

In junior high action Mansfield's Blake Nelson won in 9:24 while Wellsboro's Nathan Coughner was second in 9:36.

CV's Evan Miller took third in 10:03, Canton's Mack Plutner fourth in 10:12 and Wellsboro's Joe Messmer was fifth in 10:21.

Waverly 26, SVE 30, Candor Inc., Whitney Point Inc.

The Wolverines went 1-2 in boy's cross-country action Tuesday.

Randy Chandler won in 19:50 followed by Mark Krause in second at 20:19.1 Colin Traub was fourth in 20:38.1, Andy Kinsley seventh in 21:31.5 and Rich Northrop rounded out Waverly's top five in 23:40.7.

Brian Schlichter was 12th in 24:07, Brody Sprague was 13th in 24:44, Brandon Whitley was 14th in 26:19.3 and Kacey Madigan was 15th in 26:42.5.

Waverly is at Mansfield University this Saturday.