LERAYSVILLE - For many area athletes Penn State is the school they follow growing up.

They watch all the Penn State sports and dream of one day playing for the Nittany Lions.

Things were a little different for Northeast Bradford senior Curt Jewett.

He never really followed college sports as a kid and never really thought he would ever wind up at Penn State.

However, when he took his visit to the school Jewett was hooked and next year he will run cross country and track and field for the Nittany Lions.

"I really didn't follow Penn State much, I didn't really follow sports much," Jewett said. "I didn't even really follow running that much as a kid. I went into it thinking I probably would not be going to Penn State, but I just loved it."

When Jewett visited Penn State he knew that it was the place for him.

"What made me really decide was they were really nice to me, they made me feel at home, like I fit in," Jewett said of his visit.

Coming from a small school and town, Jewett knows that Penn State is going to be a big adjustment.

"Going from here to a place with 45,000 kids will be very different," Jewett said. "When I was talking to the guys they were willing to help me any way they can. Even off the team I have already made some friends. Everyone there was so nice."

And, Jewett knows people at the school, and in the area, which will make the transition easier.

"There are tons of friends and family there," Jewett said. "A lot of my mom's side of the family lives outside of Phillipsburg which is about 25 miles away and I could go there anytime I need. There are people from school here, and a lot of my friends from the running community are going there. One of my friends, Connor Quinn, we have been running together a long time. We are excited for next year and the next four years."

One of the big adjustments for Jewett will be getting used to the high level of competition, not only at meets, but also on the Penn State team.

"There is steep competition in the team and outside of the team," Jewett said. "I think with the competition being so steep on the team it's good. I will have people to run with and push me. Even if I don't run as fast as they are, I think I will excel beyond what I think I can do."

For Jewett next year will be like starting over.

"I think of it as starting out like my freshman year in high school," Jewett said. "In eighth grade I was really good. I won the NTL and felt really good and then my freshman year I lost races and I didn't like it and it made me work a lot harder."