For Colton Snyder it was a very tough decision.

As he was looking at colleges, it was time to start thinking about the choice.

Continue with soccer, a sport he loved and had played his whole life, or run track, a sport he has started to really excel in.

When it came time to make the final decision Snyder made the choice to continue with both sports, as he signed to play soccer, and run track, and Lock Haven University.

"It's going to be really hard for me at first," Snyder said. "It will be pretty hard to handle it all at first, but I am excited."

For Snyder it really would have been hard to give up on either of the two sports.

"I was thinking about just doing one (sport), but I decided to do both," Snyder said. "I can't leave soccer now, I have played it my whole life and I am really good in track."

The location of the school was one of the things that made Lock Haven appealing to Snyder.

"It's in Pennsylvania and the other choice was Ithaca," Snyder said. "And, it's awesome that I can do both sports. I like track and I like soccer and I'm excited to do both."

Snyder also knows that there will be some people from the area that he knows at Lock Haven.

"I know some teachers that went there and I know kids from here that went there and go there," Snyder said.

Snyder knows that as a freshman it will be tough to adjust to the college level of competition.

"It will be hard and I won't be a part of the team, I'll just be someone coming in trying to get to know everyone," he said.

But, he doesn't think that the step up in competition itself will be the big challenge.

"I don't think that will be too bad, I think it will be ok," Snyder said.

For track Snyder expects to continue to run the 800 like he is in high school.

"I think I will definitely do the 800 and I don't know after that, maybe the 400 or the mile," Snyder said.

While he has excelled in the midfield in high school soccer, Snyder isn't certain where he will play in college.

"They will pretty much try me out and see from there," Snyder said. "The coach is coming to watch me (at a travel soccer tournament) this weekend so I'll probably know better after that."