Five years ago the Northeast Bradford boy's soccer team went winless.

Hitting rock bottom they only had one place to go: up. And up they went as the Panthers are only two league games away from clinching the NTL East title outright.

And this year's senior class has been a part of that success the whole way.

"It's unbelievable," NEB goalie James Zajac said. "I've been looking forward to this day since the first day of preseason my freshman year. Just to have it finally coming through is just fantastic."

"We've all wanted this," forward Isaiah McPherson added. "We've all worked really hard. The school's never gotten an NTL title. We've always wanted to hang a banner in the school and this is our only year to get it."

Coming into this season the Panthers knew they had a chance to claim it.

"We've always had it in the back of our mind that we were going to be one of the better teams," Zajac remarked.

The seniors credit their success this season to team camaraderie.

"Everyone puts it together," McPherson explained. "We need offense, defense, mid-field, goalie. Everyone comes together perfectly."

The climax of their season so far as been their come from behind win over Troy at home last week.

"After a performance like this, I think we just proved it to pretty much everyone," Zajac said about their status in the league.

The win over Troy was bitter sweet for the Panthers. Two years ago they were in a two battle for the NTL East title with the Trojans with Troy coming out on top by having a better record against common opponents.

"We always go out and try to win," Zajac explained. "Especially to get back after the seemingly wronged campaign my 10th grade year."

That made the victory of Troy that much better for the senior.

"There isn't a better feeling in the world," remarked Zajac.