Head Coach: Chris Ruocco

Assistant Coaches: Nathan Ruocco (Defense), Mike Tammaro (Offense), Joe Martuscello (Offense and Face-off), Mike Martuscello (Defense) and Tim Havens (Offense)

Last season: 2-13

Returnees: Connor Bense (M), Brendan Simpson (D), Brandon Mahajan (A), Johnny Mickelinc (M), Mike Sullivan (D), Jimmy Mickelinc (D), Joel Siedman (M), Li Molingou (M), Brandon Hall (D), Alex Frisbie (M,A), Kevin Reynolds (M), Will Pochal (D, M, DM), Ben Roehlke (A, M), Jonas McCaig (A), Devon Jackson (M), Jake Rice (G), Jake Panyon (G)

Newcomers: Riccardo Gennari (M, Foreign Exchange Student), Will Brennan (M, DM), Ryan Miller (M), Chris Thurber (M), Bryan Stewart (M), Jack Chapman (A), Mike Hitchcock (M), Jason Jin (M, Foreign Exchange Student), Jordan Henley (D), Tony Liriano (A), Dawson Hilfiger (M), Tuomo Launis (D, Foreign Exchange Student)

Thoughts on this year's team: Last year was definitely a rebuilding season as it was the first time Notre Dame had a varsity team in a few seasons. We had a lot of young players with talent; so a lot of sophomores started. Now those sophomores are very experienced with one full year of Varsity under their belts. I'm excited for this year's seniors to work hard and finish strong. We also have a lot of new freshmen and sophomores this year, as well as a 7th grader starting on attack who has a lot of talent. After three weeks of practice and one game in, we are already leaps and bounds ahead of where we left off last season. The team has definitely improved and they've worked hard to be better, gain chemistry and have a positive camaraderie on and off the field with each other. We are definitely an improved team from the very young 2-13 team of last season and I am excited for the future of this program. Everyone's goal, including all the coaches and players, is to reach Sectional play for the first time since 2008 and I think this year's team can certainly do that! The offense is clicking, the defense is staying strong and we have three excellent face-off guys. Everything is really shaping up to be a great season at ND. -Chris Ruocco

Thoughts on league: We are in a very tough league after the divisions and conferences were realigned. Johnson City and Maine-Endwell are solid programs again but I definitely believe we can close the gap on them compared to last year's results. think we're in a very tough division and competition is definitely top notch so it's a great experience for our players to help improve their skills, especially since we're still pretty young. It's going to be interesting to see how Sectionals plays out but we look forward to winning 7 more games to get there. -Chris Ruocco