After the injury to Tom Agan the Notre Dame Crusaders knew that others on the basketball team would have to step up this year.

Darius Garvin did just that, averaging 18.4 points a game, and for his efforts he was named third-team all-state in Class C on Thursday.

"The fact that he is a sophomore making the state team is quite an accomplishment," Notre Dame coach Bill Hopkins said.

"I'm honestly surprised with the third team, because usually teams down this way don't get recognized by all-state. For Darius to make it third team as a sophomore is a tremendous honor for him and our basketball program. I am just proud of him and I'm looking forward to these next couple of years."

The state player of the year, Joel Wincowski of Lake George, who averaged 27.3 a game, was a sophomore and he is the only other sophomore besides Garvin on any of the Class C first four teams.

"I don't think it was anything that we did that was stated Darius should play a bigger role (with Agan out)," Hopkins said. "I think he just did it and the remaining players understood that. I think players can appreciate and understand talent when it's there and they were more than willing to give Darius the ball when we needed to score. Many more times than not he was able to do it.

"I'm just stunned to be honest for him to make it that high for a player down in our region. Usually third team and fourth team and second team and first team are reserved by players up in the bigger cities. It's quite an honor, a tremendous honor."