Wellsboro Green Hornets

Coach's name: Jill Gastrock

Record last season: 7-11 (overall) - 4-11 (league)

Returning players: Raisa Rogers (10), Brianna Quimby (12), Bailey Corse (10), Shyann Foreman (10)

Newcomers: Maddy Clemens (10), Taylor Crawford (10), Emily Starkweather (10), Faith Kennedy (9), Joelle Quimby (9)

Thoughts on this year's team: We are a very young team this year. We lost six seniors last year, but have replaced them with young beginners. It will be a rebuilding year, but the girls are willing to learn and practice hard. My returners are ready to step up and fill the big shoes of outgoing seniors.

Thoughts on the league this season: Bucktail and Cowanesque will still be the teams on top this year. The league will bring very tough competition for us this year. League changes this year to playing everyone twice instead of three times this year.

Towanda Black Knights

Head Coach: Alison Sims, Lucy Snyder

Record last season: 11-7

Returning players: Kaitlin Hallabuk, Carly Chaffee, Hannah Innocenzo, Erica Place

Newcomers: Katie Christian, Kayla Tolan, Mary Fink, Madison Flynn, Jordyn Russell-Mills, Ruby Haskins, Rachael Webb-Burke

Thoughts on this year's team: We are returning our top three players, so they should be very competitive in singles play this season. The remaining varsity players have some experience, which should help. Six of our players are brand new to the sport, but seem to be catching on quickly.

Thoughts on the league this season: Bucktail and Cowanesque Valley should be our stiffest competition, though there may be some surprises.

Liberty Mountaineers

Head Coach: Joe Williams

Record last season: 10-8

Returning players: Jourdyn Buckheit, Katey McCloskey, Savannah Alexyn

Newcomers: Lauren Briggs, Claire Koval

Thoughts on this year's team: With only five players on our current roster, we're going to have to work hard and hustle all season. The three veterans are going to have to step up and win some matches for us. The two newcomers are going to have to learn the game quickly and contribute to the team any way they can.

Thoughts on the league this season: Bucktail will be very tough as usual. Towanda and C.V. are always competitive. Probably the rest of us will be rebuilding and looking to pick up a few wins.

Bucktail Bucks

Head Coach: Alison and Dan Heiser

Record last season: 17-1

Returning players: Maria Morgan, Abby Ransom, Mary Fecteau, Alaina Tripp, Marissa Coleman, Kaetha Gentzyel

Newcomers: Emlea Mills, Bridget Gardner, Leela Singh, Hailey Risley, Aciacia Davenport

Thoughts on this year's team: It is a good mix of returners and newcomers. They are a great group of hard workers and players dedicated to practicing hard and always trying to improve their tennis skills.

Thoughts on the league this season: Looking forward to competing against the excellent schools that make up the Northern Tier. It is a fantastic league full of great players and outstanding coaches. It looks to be another great tennis season with competitive matches and some impressive individual player achievements.

Cowanesque Valley Indians

Head Coach: Ben Heyler, Peggy Williams

Returning players: Hayley Painter, Courtney Schauer, McKensie Sweet, Deb Bieser, Lauren Johnson

Newcomers: Amanda Painter, Jaqueline Stiles, Ashely Wattles, Delaney Reuf, Morgan Cady, Kylie Kilburn, Cheyenne Gehringer

Thoughts on this year's team: I think the team this year offers some depth. We also need our younger players to continue to improve to form a foundation for future teams.

Williamson Warriors

Head Coach: Nathan Coolidge and Amy Wood

Record last season: 0-18

Returning players: Anna Copp (12), Danielle Bolt (12), Kim Wilber (12), Kathryn Brown (11)

Newcomers: Jessica Lockwood (12), Jennifer Uhler (12), Sara Vayansky (12), Georgia Colvin (10), Lindsay Short (10), Jacqulin Uhler (9)

Galeton Tigers

Head Coach: Alyson Leach

Record last season: 5-11

Returning players: Andi Leach (12), April Howell (12), Kassi Brown (11)

Newcomers: Kate McInroy, Grace Olofson, Cassidy Kiselyk

Thoughts on this year's team: We are small but have a talented and hard working group of girls.