WAVERLY, N.Y. - Tioga's Chris Potucek was nearly perfect on Tuesday afternoon as he helped guide the Tigers to a division title with a sweep of Edison.

Potucek rolled a 299 in his second game, going perfect until the final shot when he left the nine pin.

It was a dominant day for the Tigers star as he opened the first game with six straight strikes, spared the seventh and struck out for a 279 then had his 299 and a 224 for an 802 series.

As a team Tioga shot 993, 1,117 and 1,014 for a 3,124, while Edison shot 675, 759 and 686 for a 2,120.

With the victory the Tioga boys wrap up the division title.

Along with Potucek's big day, the Tigers got a 630 from Alex Boughton with games of 182-225-223 and Travis Moyer shot 212-204-203-619, while Zack Krapf shot 182-198-169-549.

Josh Welch shot 136-178-195-509 and Tyler Chesebro shot 138-191-165-494.

Edison was led by Alton Ketnas with a 158-180-127-465.

For the girls Tioga was swept by division champion Edison. Tioga shot 721, 679 and 724 for a 2,124, while Edison shot 726, 754, 754 for a 2,234.

Edison was led by Molleigh Malanoski with a 159-199-203-561, while Tioga was led by Ashley Sherman with a 162-129-215-506.

Genevieve Burnett shot 173-147-168-488 for Tioga and Maddie Cotton shot 164-149-162-475, while Anna Evanek shot 112-133-100-345 and Rachael Schweiger shot 110-121-79-310.

Extra bowlers for the Tioga boys were Nick Welch 176-170-203-549 and Max Miller 93-121-101-315.

BOYS: Waverly 4, Watkins Glen 0

GIRLS: Watkins Glen 4, Waverly 0

The Waverly boys wrapped up a division title on Tuesday with a sweep, while the Waverly girls fell out of first place in the division as they were swept.

For the boys Waverly shot 1,002, 988 and 945 for a 2,935, while Watkins Glen shot 909, 852 and 889 for a 2,650.

Waverly got a 683 from Conner Joseph, who shot 226-214-243 and Mason Beard shot 181-194-213-588, while Cameron Lunn shot 209-213-152-574 and trevor Campbell shot 194-196-150-540. Billy Cowles shot 192-171-146-509 and Ben Cowles shot 145-145-187-477.

Extra bowlers were Kyle Pruyne 139-157-166-462 and Zach Pierce 167-170-181-518.

Watkins Glen was led by Billy Brennan at 202-235-193-630.

For the girls Waverly shot 771, 764 and 845 for a 2,380, while Watkins Glen shot 886, 853 and 913 for a 2,652.

Watkins Glen was led by Samantha Bradley with a 188-189-221-598. Waverly was led by Allyson Stewart 169-179-169-517, Karleigh VanNess 167-166-164-497 and Erin Fagan 143-162-167-472.

Amanda Northrop shot 148-137-183-468 and Meaghann Campbell shot 136-120-162-418, while Sam Mennig shot 144-114-125-383.

Extra bowlers were Brooke Rosh 120-122-95-337 and Carly Quinn 95-111-131-337.

GIRLS: Notre Dame 4, Lansing 0

BOYS: Notre Dame 3, Lansing 1

The Notre Dame girls swept Lansing, while the boys took three of four.

For the girls the Crusaders shot 731, 666 and 645 for a 2,042, while Lansing shot 661, 645 and 576 for a 1,882.

Notre Dame was led by Towanda's Cassie Berry with a 171-189-171-531 and Meghan Cleary shot 130-154-128-412, and Stefanie Evans shot 123-114-150-387.

Kristen Karam shot 200-80-92-372 and Dani Antos shot 76-128-103-307, while Maggie Zheng shot 107-81-93-281.

Lansing was led by Carle Teitelbaum at 152-155-125-432.

For the boys Barton's Alex Sherman led the way at 206-245-177-626 and Joel Siedman shot 172-184-212-568, while Chris Tuma shot 191-173-173-537.

Athens' Matthew Dieg shot 197-179-138-514 and Riccardo Gennali shot 158-121-195-474, while Joe Rickard shot 124-172-110-406.

Joel Teitelbaum led Lansing at 152-216-181-549.

Extra bowlers for Notre Dame were Collin Mustico 123-120-110-353, Vincent Fazzari 102-146-146-394 and Kurt Marton 88-102-86-276.