Sayre Redskins

Coach's name: Larry Hanafin

Assistant coaches: RC Nobles, Micky Farrell, Steve Satterly, Jason Villanti, Derek Watkins

Record last season: 5-5

Quarterbacks: Derek Keir, Adam Wampole

Comments on quarterbacks: Both are inexperienced but they are working really hard, whoever ends up being the starter the other will be somewhere else on the field

Running backs, fullbacks: Al Bodolus, David Bidlack, Jeremy Kyc, Kyle Post, Cody Ketter, Lucas Murphy

Comments on backs: All pretty fast, semi-experienced. Working hard and I think they're becoming a cohesive unit.

Receivers, tight ends: Jay Green, Joe Post, Nick Bostwick, Dillon Conner, Gabe Nobles

Comments on receivers, tight ends: Nick is a returning starter, a good solid blocker. The other two, Gabe was a starting tackle and this is Dillon's first year playing football. We don't throw the ball a tremendous amount; but we expect them to be good blockers. They're inexperienced but we think they can do the job.

Offensive line: David Mendola, Joe Fox, Bubba Myers, Gabe Nobles, Alex Felt

Comments on offensive line:They're working hard, we think they have potential. We're just working to get them to be a cohesive unit.

Defensive line: Nick Bostwick, Jeremy Kyc, Alex Felt, Bubba Myers, David Bidlack, Tony Cornish, Joe Fox

Comments on defensive line: They're all pretty fast. We think they have potential, were working on them being disciplined.

Linebackers: David Mendola, Gabe Nobles, Al Bodolus, JP Harbst, Shane McConnell

Comments on linebackers: We just have to maintain our disciplined. The three starters are experienced and we thing that is one group that has potential.

Defensive backs: Kyle Post, Cody Ketter, Adam Wampole, Lucas Murphy, Jay Green, Joe Post

Comments on defensive backs: Ketter and Post are returning starters. We have confidence in them. The rest of them are somewhat inexperienced but we think they can develop.

Special teams (kicker, punter, returners): Cody Ketter, Jay Green, Nick Bostwick, Cody Ketter, Kyle Post

Comments on special teams: We feel confident on extra points and were looking for accuracy. So far Nick and Cody are accurate.

Players to watch: Kyle Post, Al Bodolus, David Mendola, Nick Bostwick

Overall thoughts on this year's team: I think were improving. Each year we seem to be getting things down a little quicker. It depends on how cohesive we becomes, our unselfish we are. Attention to detail will depend on how good we are. Just trying to improve, if we could get above .500 that would be good.

Thoughts on the league this season: The NTL is always strong. Every week we have a tough opponent. Every win is always earned and top to bottom it's a tough league.