Sayre Redskins

Head coach: Larry Hanafin

Assistant coaches: R.C. Nobles, Jason Villanti, Derek Watkins, Chris Viggano

Record last season: 3-7

Quarterbacks: Brad Felt, Sr. Mike Bostwick, Sr.

Comments on quarterbacks: I'm pleased so far, they're staying with what we want to do. They let plays develop, they're very composed and were happy with them.

Running backs, full backs: Al Bodolus, Jr., Lucas Simonis, Sr. , Jesse Dagutis, Alex Lyons, Sr. Jeremy Kyc, So.., Cody Kenner, Sr.

Comments on backs: So far, they are basically hitting holes hard and learning to use their blocks. Their following their blocks, holding onto the ball. Were pleased, they're blocking for each other, which is a good sign.

Receivers, tight ends: Ryan Myers, Sr. Nick Bostwick, Jr.; Mike Bostwick, Kyle Post, Jr.

Comments on receivers, tight ends: Myers has converted from tackle, his blocking very good. Returning team captain Nick bostwick is a converted running back. Mike is a team leader, has good hands and pretty much knows position inside and out. Post is the most improved from last year.

Offensive line: C-Brandon Fuller, G-Derek Myers, Sam Rockwell, Aaron Brown, T-David Mendola, Gabe Nobles.

Comments on offensive line: They spent a lot time in weight room, they've improved their strength over last year. They're self-motivators.

Defensive line: Fuller, Ryan Myers, Derek Myers, Sam Rockwell, Aaron Brown, Lucas Simonis, Jeremy Kyc, Tom Reed.

Comments on defensive line: They all move pretty well, we have a lot to pick from. It's a very competitive spot.

Linebackers: Al Bodolus, Nick Bostwick, Gabe Nobles, Mendola, Alex Lyons

Comments on linebackers: Bodolus and Bostwick are returning starters and had good years last year, Gabe Nobles will make a name for himself this year.

Defensive backs: Kyle Post, Jesse Dagutis, Cody Kenner, Jake Green, Mike Bostwick, Alex Lyons, Juan Vasquez.

Comments on defensive backs: Lyons and Bostwick are almost coaches on the field, Dagutis has very good speed, Kenner has been a pleasant surprise. Juan in his first year after years off shows a lot of talent also.

Special teams (kicker, punter, returners): K-Bodulos, J.T. Harves, P-Nick, mike bostwick. R-Jesse Dagutis, Mike Bostwick, Alex Lyons

Comments on special teams: It's always the concern. They have the ability, its just the consistency of their kicks. That's the one thing we have to work on.

Player to watch: Were hoping all of them, no one's standing out further than anybody else.

Overall thoughts on this year's team: As of right now, were pleased. They're playing well as a team, working hard, understanding what we want to do. I've really enjoyed the pre season with them.

Thoughts on the league this season: For us, everybody we play is well coached. I think it's a very solid league. This year is like any other year, any one win we get is going to be well earned.