Seeing an athlete play two different sports in the same season seems to be more and more common these days.

For Sayre's Sydney Beeman one day she leads the Redskins' cross country team and the next she can be found playing soccer for Sayre.

It's something that might not seem that uncommon, after all the NTL champion Mansfield Tigers have two girls - Chelsea Repard and Erin Dempsey - who play both soccer and run cross country.

Even at Sayre what Beeman is doing isn't unheard of as both Paige Wampole and Kaitlyn Tappan play both soccer and volleyball this year for the Redskins.

What is a little different is how Beeman balances the two sports.

For most two-sport athletes one sport takes preference over the other.

Many will miss weekend invites and tournaments for one sport so they can focus on the other.

However, Beeman has managed to balance things in a way where she makes soccer games, but still has managed to compete in many of the Redskins' big invitationals.

"It's really challenging," Beeman said. "It's hard because sometimes I can't make it to practice. It's hard to try and make it to practice every day."

A season ago Beeman ran cross country, but her main focus was on soccer. However, she quickly realized how much she enjoyed running.

"That's what I did last year, but then I saw how much I liked cross country," Beeman said. "It's worked out, I just don't have a lot of off days."

Throughout this year, Beeman has had success in both sports, including a top 10 finish in Saturday's NTL Coaches' Invitational and a game-winning goal in overtime to beat Wellsboro in soccer.

However, trying to do both well does make it tougher in both at times.

"It's a lot harder," Beeman said. "I hate missing practice, because I know the odds are if I miss practice I will not start the next day."

What has made balancing both sports easier for Beeman is having coaches who are understanding.

"They are really good about it," Beeman said.

Running so many cross country races is something Beeman knows will help her during track season.

"I think it will help a lot," she said. "I think I will do a lot better in the 800 this year."

And, as hard as it is to balance both sports, Beeman thinks that running cross country makes her a better soccer player.

"I think it keeps me in shape," Beeman said.

As tough as it can be balancing sports, Beeman hopes that she won't ever have to choose just one.

"I hope I don't have to choose," she said. "I want to be able to keep doing both."