For most athletes come district time they have two goals. They either want to win a district title or they want to make states.

But for a few runners this year they have another goal. They want to break a district record.

In the 3200 two locals are eyeing the time of 9:27.55. Top seed Sam Williams of Northeast Bradford is seeded at 9:12.13, well under, while Towanda's Aaron Valoroso is at 9:21.55.

"I really want to try and get out and get that record." Williams remarked. "9:26 is definitely in my range."

In the 1600 Northeast Bradford's Curt Jewett has 4:14.13 on his mind. He currently has the top seed time of 4:14.59.

Both records are owned by Lewisburg's Chris Spooner set back in 2003.

"I'm hoping I can get it," Jewett said. "It's kind of far but in the same distance it's not that far and I feel anything's within my reach now."

In the 3200 both Williams and Valoroso have gone under that time this year and have their sight set high.

"I'm shooting for about 9:10," Williams explained.

He's banking on Valoros being right there with him the whole way.

"I know he's been having a little struggle with his hip but he should be right there," remarked Williams.

A couple weeks ago Valoroso ran 9:21 to earn his school's 3200 record and wants to push it even lower today.

"I was hoping by the end of the season to get around 9:15," Valoroso said.

"It was something I've been looking forward to since last year," he said about the school record. "I missed the opportunity, it got too hot."

Heat was a big issue last year with the 3200. Six runners came in either at or below the state qualifying mark but only two hit it.

They got no favors this year as the 2-mile is slated to go off at 4:05, the hottest part of the day, but the forecast looks kinder with it being in the 70s and mostly cloudy.

If it does get hot that could change things for them.

"I won't be able to go out and run as fast but I'm still going to try for that record no matter what the conditions are," Williams explained. "I'm confident I can hit the state standard even if it's 100 degrees. I'm just going to go for it anyway."

Also in the 2-mile South Williamsport's Griffin Molino is coming with a 9:32.90 seed while Sayre's Nick Sweet (9:57.32) and Northeast Bradford's Levi Upham (10:01.06) round out the top five.

Troy's Zack Schonher and Robin Vanhoutte, Canton's Brennan Gleckner, Wyalusing's Zamien Benditt, Athens' Ryan Segar and Alex Walter and Northeast Bradford's Derek Allabaugh are also listed in the event.

The state time is 9:48.01 and, as with every event in Class AA boys, top two go regardless and anybody who hits state time gets an invitation to Shippensburg.

In the 1600 getting that time could prove more difficult.

Jewett came close to the record time at the Henderson Invitational but hasn't surpassed it yet like Williams and Valoroso in the 3200.

However he has set his sights high just like them.

"I'm looking at going 4:08," Jewett said.

And also like in the 3200 he should have somebody running with him in Wellsboro's Bobby Hill.

Hill burst onto the scene a few weeks ago and has a seed time of 4:19.34.

Last year at districts Jewett came within shouting distance of the record but wasn't pushed very much.

"I had guys the first 800 pushing right with me and they kind of let me go a little big and I was kind of by myself," Jewett explained. "Hopefully Bobby will stick with me and push me a little more this year."

Lewisburg's Sean Walker is the third seed at 4:23.92 while Williams is seeded at 4:27.94. Danville's Tyler Vella (4:29.81) and Southern Columbia's Andrw Steely (4:30.19) are also under the state standard of 4:31.13.

Sayre's Nick Sweet (4:31.50) is seeded less than a second away while Wellsboro's Jordan Jackson (4:33.70) is a two time state qualifier in the event.

Other locals inlcude Benditt, Segar, Troy's Trevor Hodge, Canton's Jacob Williams, Sayre's Lorenzo Servedio, Vanhoutte, Canton's Brooks Gleckner and Athens' Matt Millard.

The Northeast Bradford 4x800 relay also has a shot at the district record of 7:56.83.

They ran 7:58.13 at the NTL Championships last week and own the top seed going into districts and well under the state time of 8:15.15.

The Panthers plan on running the same four of Williams, Jewett, Colton Snyder and Brandon Devonshire today.

South Williamsport is the second seed at 8:08.68, Southern Columbia third at 8:14.43, Troy fourth at 8:16.54 and Wyalusing fifth at 8:21.74.

In the 110 hurdles Athens' Nick Pane (14.87) and Troy's Josh Purcell (14.89) are the top two seeds and under the state time of 15.35.

Southern Columbia's Luke Rarig (15.00) and East Juniata's David Brantley (15.18) are also seeded under.

Also in the event are Towanda's Blake Burlingame, Athens' Casey Clark, Canton's Chris Whitehead and Towanda's Stephen Seibert.

The top three seeds in the 100 are from the NTL. Wellsboro's Dan Brooks (11.22), Northeast Bradford's Isaiah McPherson (11.24) and Canton's Eddie Larcom (11.30) are just above the state standard of 11.20. The top non local is Southern Columbia's Joey Kleman seeded at 11.30.

Athens' Jake Coyle, Sayre's Kyle Post, Athens' Austin Depew, Williamson's Dylan Cleveland and Athens' Tyler Birdsall are also in the event.

Towanda's Charlie Kerin is the top seed in the 200 at 22.81 just under the state standard of 22.88. Kleman is the second seed at 23.05, Montoursville's Joshua Walker (23.06) is seeded third, Towanda's Steven Vogel (23.10) is seeded fourth and Coyle (23.18) is seeded fith.

Also in the event is Cleveland, Troy's Greg Ellsworth, North Penn's JJ Walker, Sayre's Nick Skerpon, Brooks and Birdsall.

Kerin has the third seed in the 400 at 50.94 just above the state standard of 50.70.

Also in the fast heat with him are Jackson (51.26), Walker (51.99) and Larcom (52.05).

The top seed is Mount Carmel's Dondre Glasper at 50.60 while Montoursville's Garrett Evans is third at 50.82.

Also in the event is Athens' Kevin Stedge, Wellsboro's Joey Doganiero, North Penn's Cody Schmouder, Athens' Brad Sampson, Wyalusing's Brandon Kelley, Skerpon, Wellsboro's Kieron Smethers and Canton's Cody VanRyn.

Northeast Bradford's Colton Snyder (1:56.94) is the top seed in the 800 while Jewett (1:59.35) is seeded second. Jackson (1:59.47) and Hill (1:59.60) are both seeded under the state standard of 1:59.70.

Also in the event are Northeast Bradford's Brandon Devonshire, Sayre's Adam Moore, Wyalusing's Aaron Woodruff, Doganiero, Troy's Eli Laue, Servedio, Wyalusing's Matt Woodruff and Sayre's James Misner.

Purcell is the second seed in the 300 hurdles at 40.54 just behind top seed East Juniata's David Brantley (40.53). Lewisburg's Jacob Zeigler (40.71) is also seeded under the state standard of 40.80.

Pane is in this event along with Burlingame, Seibert, Wellsboro's Jack Chambers and Canton's Austin Dibble.

In the 4x100 relay Mount Carmel has the top seed of 44.00 while Towanda is seeded second at 44.50. The state standard is 44.31.

Athens is in the fast heat with Towanda while Troy, Canton, Sayre, Wellsboro and Northeast Bradford have relays entered.

Montoursville comes in with the fastest seed in the 4x400 in 3:27.87 wile Mount Carmel is second at 3:28.00. Towanda is third at 3:28.97 and under the state standard of 3:29.60 along with Wellsboro (3:29.39).

Also in the fast heat is Athens and Northeast Bradford while North Penn, Wyalusing and Troy have teams entered.

Three jumpers are seeded at 6-feet, 4-inches in the high jump: Towanda's Joel Miller, Canton's Austin Bunner and Loyalsock's Wes LaPoint. Montgomery's Colton Harer is seeded at 6-feet, 3-inches while North Penn's Reece Correll and Canton's Emmett Watson are right at the state mark of 6-feet, 2-inches.

Also in the event are Wyalusing's Lucas Jennings, North Penn's Dallas Dziuba, Sayre's Jeremy Kyc, North Penn's Jacob Spring, Stedge and Canton's Jesse Lattimer.

Lewisburg's Eudoka Eze has the top seed in the triple jump at 43-feet, 3 1/2-inches but there are two NTL jumpers close at second.

Sayre's Joey Galizlia is seeded two at 42-feet, 7 1/2-inches while Depew is seeded three at 42-feet, 6-inches. Sampson is seeded fifth at 41-feet, 4-inches.

The state standard is 44-feet even.

Also in the event are Correll, Miller, Canton's Theron Binford, Burlingame, Sullivan County's Luke Iarkowski, Northeast Bradford's James Zajac, Post, Wellsboro's Mitch Snyder and Clark.

Mount Carmel's Eric Joraskie is the top seed in the shot put at 50-feet, 11 1/2-inches while Athens' Ryan Kreykenbohm is seeded second at 50-feet, 5 1/2-inches. The state standard is 50-feet, 3-inches.

Athens' Scott Laidlaw is seeded fourth at 48-feet, 9-inches while Wyalusing's Jeremy Allyn is seeded fifth at 47-feet, 10 1/2-inches.

Also in the event is Canton's Will Unruh, Towanda's Jim Tice and Evan Madill, Northeast Bradford's Shawn Hakes, Williamson's Kaleb Rice and Northeast Bradford's Alan Vough.

Joraskie is also the top seed in the discus at 160-feet, 4-inches well above the state standard of 148-feet.

Seeded second is Southern Columbia's Cody Pavlick at 148-feet, 6-inches while Unruh and Allyn are both seeded at 147-feet, 10-inches.

Rice, Athens' Tom Shenot, Vough, Troy's Layton Calkins, Towanda's Dalton Schultz, Athens' Craig Moore and Laidlaw are also in this event.

Montgomery's Dillan Boore is the top seed in the long jump at 21-feet, 7-inches with Rarig second at 20-feet, 10-inches. Wyalusing's Timmy Ace is seeded third at 20-feet, 9-inches with the state standard 21-feet, 6-inches.

Also in the event are Wellsboro's Dylan Prough, Depew, Sampson, Zajac, Jennings, Post, Clark and Galizia.

The top seed for the pole vault is Mount Carmel's Robert Varano and Montgomery's Dominick Galanti at 13-feet, 6-inches which also happens to be the state standard.

Towanda's Tony Daniello, Sayre' Lucas Murphy, Towanda's Mason Monahan and Athens' Sam Vergeson are the highest locals at 12-feet, 6-inches.

Also in the event are Wyalusing's Dustin Kaufman, Wellsboro's Thomas Straniere, North Penn's Ben Jackson and Athens' Tyler Solomon.

Montoursville's Matt Krezmer is the top seed in the javelin at 195-feet, 6 1/2-inches while Lewisburg's Brandon Smith is seeded second at 190-feet, 3-inches.

Allyn is the top seeded local at 165-feet, 1-inch and is in the seventh spot. Also competing is Wyalusing's Jonah Shotwell and Wellsboro's Nick Marple.

The state standard is 176-feet.

The championships are held at Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove with a start time of 9:45 a.m.