When Sheridan Heine takes the field for Notre Dame, her job is to try and keep the other team from scoring.

The Crusaders goalie knows that if her and her defense do their job and don't allow any goals, the other team can't win the game.

Last week the senior reached a milestone with her 30th career save, breaking the previous school record of 29 ½ saves.

"It's nice to know I got that, but it's not just me it's the entire team," Heine said. "I definitely give credit to my defense."

With a couple more shutouts since she got the record Heine now has 32 career shutouts, and the record is something that made her start to think about all the great defenders in front of her who helped her reach the milestone.

"I just started remembering Becca Watts who for two years was there," Heine said. "There is Victoria Schutrum this year who has played so well. It's not just the sweets either, it's all the defenders we have had."

Heine knows this milestone is special for the other defenders as well.

"I think it will mean a lot to them," she said. "I think some of them think it's something I did, but it's really something everyone did. It's good to know they helped me get this milestone. It's not just me, it's not one person, it's everyone."

While the defense and goalie get the credit for a shutout, Heine also knows that she has been helped over the year by a strong midfield and forwards who have controlled the ball.

"Our entire team is great," she said. "The team gets credit everyone does a good job. We had people like Rachael Lamoreux and Detta (Gublo) and Hannah Haskell and now we have people like Emma Booth and (Aleggra) Dawes who are doing a great job."

It was a big adjustment for Heine this year with so many players graduating from the defense.

"I was definitely worried, we lost a lot of defenders," Heine said. "The young kids have really stepped up."

With a lot of new faces Heine has had to take on a bigger leadership role this year.

"I definitely have to be a lot more vocal this year," Heine said. "I'm used to Becca yelling out there, but Victoria is really being vocal. She's yelling out to players to."

For Heine it is nice to know that her name will go down in the record books for the school.

"It is good to know that," she said. "It is pretty special."

And, she looks forward to seeing future goalies eventually go after her record.

"I think it will be nice," she said. "I hope it gets broken, but not anytime soon," she said.