BINGHAMTON - It was an hour before the first pitch for Tuesday's game between Binghamton and Trenton.

The Double A equivalent of the Yankees and Mets were set to square off and yet one look into the stands and it appeared that NYSEG Stadium was a ghost town.

Barely a single person could be found in any of the seats. However, underneath the bleachers, there were thousands of anxious fans.

They lined up nearly the entire length of the stadium for the chance to meet and get an autograph from Montrose's Chris Snee, a three-time Pro Bowl offensive lineman for the New York Giants.

"It feels great to be back," Snee said during Chris Snee Day on Tuesday. "There are a lot of familiar faces of people that have supported me since I left to go to Boston College, which is 12 years ago now."

A year ago, Snee and the Giants were wondering what was going to happen with the NFL as half of training camp was eliminated due to a labor dispute with the NFL.

"That whole situation last year was unprecedented," Snee said. "This year, it's nice that we will be able to work together all Spring."

And last year, once the labor issues were resolved, the NFL season began on time and Snee helped lead the Giants to their second Super Bowl win during his career.

"It's been good, but there are a lot of committments," Snee said of the offseason as a Super Bowl champ. "The new season is approaching quickly."

Snee knows that when you are the champions there is a pretty big target on your back and even though he's been in camp before as a Super Bowl champ, it doesn't make it any easier.

"No, it's only harder," Snee said. "You look at the history and the odds of winning back-to-back is against us.

"But, the goal is to win back-to-back. It might be a lofty goal, but that is what we expect. I have eight more fingers left on my hands for rings."

While the Giants are the Super Bowl champions, they haven't been the team in New York getting all the headlines after the Jets brought Tim Tebow to town.

"We win the Super Bowl and we take a back seat to a Tebow press conference," Snee said. "But that's the way we like it. Coach has said since I got here that talk is cheap, you have to play the game."

One thing that has changed a lot for Snee since the team's last Super Bowl title is the departure of many of the veterans on the offensive line, leaving Snee as the veteran of the group.

"I look around and I'm the old guy," Snee said. "I was telling my wife that last week. It's defintely a little different for me. I was the young guy, coming in as a second-round pick. Now, I'm the grumpy old veteran sitting at my locker, waiting for a rookie to torment."

While Snee has left the area and gone on to big things in the NFL, he still feels like this area is home and always enjoys his trips back.

"I try and come back as many times as I can," he said. "It's been great. To get drafted so close to your home, I didn't think that would happen."

As Snee heads off to camp soon to start another season, he just wants to keep doing what he does every year.

"I just want to improve and I want for us to improve," he said. "We just want to improve and keep winning championships."