During the school year Kylie Newman and Katie McEvoy are on opposite sides of a rivalry with Megan Herrick.

Newman and McEvoy player for the Waverly Wolverines, while Herrick plays for the Notre Dame Crusaders.

The teams squared off three times last year, and it was between those two teams for the division title.

While they are rivals during the school year, during the summer the three team up to play for the Elmira Soaring Eagles 16u Renegades.

"It's a little bit different," Herrick said.

"We like to play together," Newman added.

When the school year starts the three know they will be on the other side of a rivalry, but they said it's not really the three of them that are huge rivals on the field.

"It's more some of the other players," Herrick said.

"We get along, we talk to each other on the field," Newman said.

For the three of them playing in the summer is making them better players.

"It's definitely different, the competition, the speed of play is a lot faster," Newman said.

"It really helps a lot playing this competition," McEvoy said.

Because soccer is a year round thing for them, the three believe they are more ready once the school year starts up than the players who don't play all summer.

"In the preseason especially you can really notice it," Newman said.

"It's unreal the difference when you play in the summer," McEvoy. "You can really see the difference during the school year."

In years past Herrick has had a lot of talented upperclassmen that play year round that the younger kids looked up to during the school year. She thinks this year people may be looking at her a little more after she plays all summer.

"Maybe it will be a little different this year with Rachel (Lamoreaux) and Detta (Gublo) graduating," she said.

Newman and McEvoy aren't the only Waverly players who play during the summer. In fact, teammates Allie Frutchey, Emiley Myers and Liaa Carpenter are on their schedule for later this month when they play against the United team out of Binghamton.

"We will see what happens I guess," McEvoy said. "It helps when we play them that we go to school with them, so we know what them and how they play."

No matter what happens the rest of the summer the three rivals know that when the school year starts they will be ready to go.

"This definitely makes us better," Newman said. "It will make it easier during the school year."