It's been an up and down year for Sullivan County boy's soccer.

Injuries have been the main culprit, especially with leading scorer Doug Shrimp going down for the season. However, one thing they have been able to count on is Zach Meyer's play in goal.

In last week's 1-1 tie with the rival Quakers Meyer put together a 14 save night to keep the Griffins in the game.

"Every sport I like to compete against them," admitted Meyer. "When we play good teams I like the competition."

The senior is happy to play between the pipes.

"I like playing in goal, I like holding it down," he explained. "I like the pressure. Once and a while it gets to you but I try to keep composed."

He boils the difficult position down to one thing.

"Stop the ball," Meyer remarked. "That's all I have to do."

The 6-foot, 5-inch, long armed athlete was originally in the field when a chance substitution his sophomore year put him where he is today.

"I wasn't going to play sophomore year and Derek Wilkins got a red card," Meyer explained. "They were just like 'Zach, get in goal.' I got in goal and from there on out they liked me in that position."

He admitted the feeling is mutual.

"I liked it there," Meyer said. "I don't have to run."

The moved also helped Sullivan in another way as Wilkins has moved out into the field.

"He knows what he's doing out there and it works out pretty good," Meyer said about Wilkins. "I'm not that skilled out in the field. I didn't really know what I was doing out there. I know what to do in here, its not that hard of a concept. Stop the ball."

Like any good goalie Meyer is conflicted on what a perfect day in front of the net would be.

"No shots," he said, but added. "But I like when there is shots. Every goalie likes it when there is no shots, no pressure. I don't not like it, I like when there's pressure on me."

And he's had quite a bit of pressure on him this season with all the injuries.

"It's been pretty tough," Meyer admitted. "Some of our best players are getting hurt but we work through it. We work hard in practice, we just keep playing tough. That's all we have to do."

But things could change as they head to the playoffs.

"Tom Blasi is kind of banged up a little bit but once he gets back and a few other guys get back we'll be pretty good in the playoffs," said Meyer. "As long as we work hard in practice and work hard in the games to get physical we'll be alright."

And the senior would like to finish the season with a bang.

"Make a run in the playoffs," Meyer said about their goal. "Win a district championship is what I'd like, to go along with basketball."