Head Coach: Roger Learn


Returning Swimmers: Wellsboro - Bobby Hill (Senior-District medalist, sprint freestyle), Mansfield - Matt Weed (Sophomore - District qualifier, backstroke); North Penn - Josh King (Junior - District qualifier, backstroke and butterfly); Canton - Mark Grzella (District qualifier, butterfly and backstroke).

Newcomers: Wellsboro - Blair Carson (junior - freestyle, breaststroke, IM), Evan Bair (Freshman - freestyle)


Returning Swimmers: Wellsboro - Brittany Redell (Senior - District qualifier, 100 freestyle, 200 IM, 100 backstroke), Emilie Kramer (Senior - District qualifier, 100 freestyle, 200 IM, 100 backstroke), Alexandria Kurtz (Junior - District qualifier, sprint freestyle).

Mansfield - Linda Hawn (Senior - District qualifier, sprint freestyle); North Penn - Violet Learn (Junior - District medalist, distance freestyle), Canton - Whitney Bailey (Junior - District qualifier, butterfly, breaststroke).

Newcomers: Wellsboro - Mikayla Feil (Freshman - Breaststroke, IM); North Penn - Mackenzie Ford (Junior - Backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly), Danielle Valverde (Freshman - Freestyle, backstroke).

Swimmers to watch: Bobby Hill in the sprint events. Bobby is coming off an extremely strong summer swim season and fall cross country season. He has been in the pool early this fall and seems fit and ready to train. His main goal is to break the 50 second barrier in the 100 freestyle. Brittany Redell had a great summer swim season with some nice PR's. She swims all the strokes and comes to the pool ready to train. I'm sure she wants to get back to districts and see what she can do.

Overall thoughts on this year's team: This year's team has ten returning district qualifiers. They will be led by three seniors and five juniors. They all know what it takes to be successful swimmers. I now challenge them to take their training and performances to a new level.

Sayre Redskins

Head Coach: Jim Schrader

Assistant coaches: Denis Cole, Julee Waters

Record last season: Boys: 3-6 and the Girls were 2 - 6

Returning swimmers: Nathan Chau (Sophomore), Ryan Kipp (Sophomore), John Misner (Sophomore), John Northrup (Sophomore), Altan Frantz (Junior), Grace McClelland (Junior), James Misner (Junior), Andrew Platt (Junior), Katherine Porter (Junior), Emily Schamel (Junior), Juan Velazquez (Junior), Josh Wolcott (Junior), Courtney Bruer (Senior), Brent Heil (Senior), Rachel Hurley (Senior), Christian Keene (Senior), Megan Lipps (Senior), Lorenzo Servedio (Senior)

Newcomers: Phillip Bennett (Freshman), Katrina Heil (Freshman), Matthea Robbins (Freshman), Marina Savercool (Freshman)

Swimmers to watch: Seniors Rachel Hurley, Brent Heil, and Junior Josh Wolcott in the sprints and Junior Altan Frantz in the IM and Butterfly

Overall thoughts on this year's team: I have two returning swimmers, Katherine Porter and Altan Frantz, that qualified for our State Swim meet last year, and they have set their goal to return and medal. I have a lot of experienced swimmers that make it easy for me to have a different line-up every time we swim. Our younger swimmers will also be a big help earning points for our team.

Waverly Wolverines

Head Coach: Dave Mastrantuono

Assistant Coaches: Kyle Ackland, Josh Hogan

Record last season: 12-2

Returning swimmers: Lucas Beardsley, Tanner Burt, Matt Dibble, Mike Girolamo, John Hallett, Caleb Jenkins, Josh Mastrantuono, Nick Peterson, Brody Sprague, Brandon Whitley, Breighton Wood, Ken Wood

Newcomers: Brandon Anderson, John Casterline, Dillion Hammond, Josh Gallaher, Jake Hazen, Fred Miller, Gary Moorehead, Devin Pierce.

Swimmers to watch: John Hallet, Breighton Wood, Josh Mastrantuono, Mike Girolamo, Tanner Burt, Caleb Jenkins, Nick Peterson (diver)

Overall thoughts on this year's team: 20 swimmers / divers on this years roster and our hope is to be competitive in all meets with an emphasis on producing lifetime best performances at the championship meets (IAC's / Sectionals / States) at the end of the season.

Towanda Black Knights

Head Coach: Mike Locke

Assistant coaches: Dayna Dawsey

Record last season: Boys 7-5, Girls 0-11

Returning swimmers: Boys - Christian Basse (Senior), Blake Burlingame (Junior), Mike Caine (Junior), Garrett Johnson (Junior), Mike Kerrick (Junior), Austin Kriner (Junior), Jim Tice (Junior), Derrick Cole (Sophomore), Matt Schultz (Sophomore), Alex Sedor (Sophomore), Simon Smith (Sophomore), Andy Gee (Sophomore); Girls - Sarah Lamphere (Senior), Morgan Dreisch (Senior), Meredith Corbett (Senior), Destiny Foster (Senior), Ruth Conklin (Junior), Erica Place (Junior), Caroline Vana (Sophomore).

Newcomers: Boys - Schuyler Smith (Junior), Carlos Alvarez (Freshman), Tyler Basse (Freshman), Trey Burlingame (Freshman), Josh Morgan (Freshman); Girls - Anna Belokur (Senior), Kaylyn Forbes (Senior), Hailey Innocenzo (Senior), Ronnie Black (Freshman), Courtney Locke (Freshman), Alexandra Smith (Freshman), Celeste Sloss (Freshman).

Swimmers to watch: Boys - Three boys to watch this season are Christian Basse, Blake Burlingame, and Derrick Cole. All three swimmers continued their training this summer with the USA-WAAC program in the valley. Christian is the veteran distance swimmer again this year, and is one of the hardest workers on the team. Blake's specialty is the 50 freestyle. He held consistent 24's this summer, and should easily get in the low 23's by Districts. With Derrick this year, I just have a gut feeling about him. He prepared by running cross country in the fall, and overall he looks stronger. I guess I would call him the wild card. Girls - Three girls to watch this year are Sarah Lamphere, Morgan Dreisch, and Courtney Locke. Sarah and Morgan are each within 3.5 seconds from the Towanda school record in the 100 yard backstroke. With a good season of preparation, each is equally capable of breaking that record. In addition, Sarah is just 4 seconds from the school record in the 200 Individual Medley. Breaking either of those records would be something to watch. Courtney Locke is a newcomer holding many of the Junior High school records, and having already posted times that would qualify her for districts, she is looking at the freshman record board to make some changes. Like the boys, Sarah and Courtney trained this summer with the USA-WAAC program in the valley.

Overall thoughts on the team: Boys - The boys' team this year, as in many of the previous years, is maintaining strength and competitiveness. This year will be a bit different in that the quality and depth of the team is greater. After competing many years without the help of a diving squad, the team's new strength will be in the addition of 4 new divers. Though they are new to the sport, their contributions will give the team a new dimension. On the swimming side, the team is strong enough to support two quality relays in each relay event. Girls - Once again this year, we have a small, but dedicated and hardworking, group of girls. With the addition of 5 new athletes, the team should easily improve upon the 0-11 record from last year by winning the close meets that were previously lost. As usual, the swimmers and divers will work on individual skills, techniques, and goal times. We are anticipating more success this year in the win/loss column, but the emphasis will focus on achieving personal goals.

Athens Wildcats

Head Coach: Mark Keister (boys), Shauntel Place (girls)

Assistant coach: Mark Solomon

Record last season: Boys 1-9, Girls 5-4

Returning swimmers: Boys - Shane Martin (Senior-district qualifier in freestyle), Frank Chen (Junior-two time state qualifier), Tyler Solomon (Sophomore-district qualifier). Girls - Lizzy Place (Senior-butterfly), Megan Sweppenheiser (Senior-backstroke), Megan Wanck (Senior-breaststroke), Micki Anderson (Senior-freestyle), Guiliana DeSisti (Junior-district qualifier in the butterfly), Maggi Mahonski (Junior-freestyle), Lauren Puyne (Junior-freestyle), Sara Slocum (Junior-district qualifier in diving), Kirsten Vanderpool (Junior-district qualifier in freestyle), Chloe Farrell (Sophomore-freestyle), Abby Kopatz (Sophomore-IM), Regan Martin (Sophomore-freestyle).

Newcomers: Boys - Austin Dukes (Freshman), Bryan Solomon (Freshman), Amro Nasser (Freshman), Nicholas Lynch (Freshman), Richard West (Freshman), Jacob Townsend (Sophomore), Kurt Walck (Junior), Zach Firestine (Senior). Girls - Courtney Dukes (Freshman), Megan Dukes (Freshman), Taylor Liddane (Freshman), Taylor Lunger (Freshman), Elizabeth Ondrey (Freshman), Kirstan Orshal (Freshman), Britany Tokash (Freshman) and Courtney Webster (Freshman), Alli Mahonski (Sophomore).

Swimmers to watch: Boys - Frank Chen looks to break a couple more school records and should have a chance to qualify for multiple events at the state meet. Freshman Bryan Solmon looks like he will follow in his brother Tyler's footsteps and be able to qualify for districts in most all of the individual events. Of course senior Shane Martin will be a force in the freestyle once he gets going off the late start due to the extended football season. Girls - Sarah Slocum was one of the top-two finishers among the divers at districts last year that return for this season. If she can hold off some younger challengers she may earn her first trip to states. Giuliana DeSisti and Kirsten Vanderpool look to individually qualify for districts again this year. Freshmen Courtney Dukes and Megan Dukes have times very close to district qualifying as well. Several Juniors that were on the district team last year may get their first individual cuts this year.

Overall thoughts on this year's team: The boys should be more competitive with the increased numbers. Although, it is still a young team with only two seniors. The boys have some very talented individuals but will suffer against teams with a lot of depth. On the other hand, the girls have lots of depth and will need to develop individual talent to continue into the post-season. For the boys we have 13 freshman joining the team this year. A number of them swam at the Junior High level or with the local swim club WAAC so we are very excited with youth and a variety of levels of swimmers. Freshman Austin Dukes, Bryan Solomon and Amro Nasser swam both Junior High and WAAC setting records and giving the boys some much needed experienced swimmers. Nicholas Lynch and Richard West round out the largest freshman class in a number of years. Sophmore Jacob Townsand and Junior Kurt Walck are a couple of athletes that we are quickly turning into formidable swimmers. Senior Zach Firestine is already showing amazing progress on the diving board and may be a medal contender at districts. On the girl's side, we have 8 freshman girls: Courtney Dukes, Megan Dukes, Taylor Liddane, Taylore Lunger, Elizabeth Ondrey, Kirsten Orshal, Britany Tokash, and Courtney Webster all with some previous competitive swimming experience. Sophmore Alli Mahonski will help out on the diving boards later this year.