Tuesday's Major League bowlers had a night to remember, as three members of the league each bowled a perfect 300 game.

Ezra Decker bowling for NN 12, lead the night off with a 300, then bowled 188 and 249 for a 737 series total. This was his second 300 in just over a week.

Closing out the night was teammates Jeremy Casselbury and Harry Marbaker bowling for HarMar, they each bowled a 300 game in the third and last game of the night.

Jeremy Casselbury led off with games of 244 and 202 and then finished with a 300 for a 746 series total. This was his first ever 300 game.

Harry Marbaker followed with games of 194, 194 and finished with the 300 for a series total of 688. He added this 300 to a list of previous bowled 300 games.