ATHENS - In a nail biter Towanda held off Athens 103-80 in boy's swimming action Thursday while on the girl's side the Lady Wildcats defeated the Knights 103-80.

"The boys had a decent performance tonight," Towanda coach Mike Locke said. "We had a handful of PR's but overall we were lucky to get out of the natatorium with a win. The Athens team put together a good line-up, but our size helped us get the win. It was a great meet to watch."

On the boy's side Athens won the 200 yard medley relay in 1:48.93 behind a team of Frank Chen, Shane Martin, Bryan Solomon and Tyler Solomon.

Bryan Solomon then won the 200 free in 2:02.97 followed by Towanda's Christian Basse and Derrick Cole in second and third. Cole qualified for districts in the event at 2:09.28.

Tyler Solomon took the 200 IM in 2:23.73 with teammate Austin Dukes second. Towanda's Jim Tice came in third.

Black Knight Blake Burlingame broke the Wildcat streak by winning the 50 free in 23.52 followed by Wildcats Martin and Kurt Walck in second and third.

Towanda's Tyler Basse edged out Athens' Zach Firestine in diving 112.80 to 112.40. Knight Josh Morgan took third.

In the 100 fly, Bryan Solomon won in 1:02.27 with Tyler Solomon second, Towanda's Michael Caine finished third.

Burlingame returned to win the 100 free in 54.07 with Martin second and Towanda's Mike Kerrick taking third. Kerrick's time of 58.73 qualified him for districts.

Chen won the 500 free in 5:13.30 with Christian Basse second and Austin Dukes third.

Towanda's 200 free relay team of Tice, Kerrick, Caine and Burlingame won in 1:39.05.

Cole won the 100 backstroke in 1:07.18 with teammate Kerrick in second. Athens' Troy Stivason finished third.

Chen won the 100 breaststroke in 1:07.66 followed by Knights Tice and Matt Schultz in second and third.

In the 400 free relay, Athens' team of Chen, Walck, Bryan Solomon and Tyler Solomon won in 3:44.04.

Leading off the girls' meet Towanda's 200 IM relay team of Morgan Dreisch, Courtney Locke, Sarah Lamphere and Meredith Corbett won in 2:10.87.

Dreisch then won the 200 free in 2:23.39 followed by Wildcats Giuliana Desisti and Megan Dukes in second and third.

Lamphere won the 200 IM in 2:35.08 with Locke second while Athens' Elizabeth Ondrey finished third. Locke's time of 2:36.99 qualified her for districts.

In the 50 free, Athens' Kirstan Vanderpool edged out Corbett by 1/100th of a second. Vanderpool won in 28.68 while Corbett swam 28.69. Athens' Lauren Pruyne was third.

In diving, Wildcat Sarah Slocum won with a score of 159.40 with teammate Alli Mahonski second and Towanda's Caroline Vana third.

Lamphere won the 100 fly in 1:12.96 with Desisti and Wildcat Abby Kopatz second and third.

Vanderpool won the 100 in 1:03.56 with Corbett and Pruyne second and third.

Athens' Courtney Dukes won the 500 free in 6:18.83 with teammate Maggie Mahonski second and Towanda's Destiny Foster third.

In the 200 free relay, an Athens team of Desisti, Courtney Dukes, Pruyne and Vanderpool won in 1:57.69.

Dreisch won the 100 backstroke in 1:13.43 with teammate Ronnie Black second while Kopatz finished third.

Locke won the 100 breaststroke in 1:21.49 with Vana second while Megan Dukes finished third.

Athens' 400 free relay of Courtney Dukes, Desisti, Pruyne and Vanderpool won in 4:16.56.

"I thought we might have a chance to win the girls meet tonight but it proved that their team had quality and depth," Locke said. "Our girls gave it their all and fought a good fight but in the end, they filled up the lanes better then us."

BOYS: Central Mountain 120, Sayre 86, Jersey Shore 78

GIRLS: Jersey Shore 109, Sayre 100, Central Mountain 56

The Redskins traveled to Jersey Shore for swimming action Thursday.

On the girls' side, in the 200 meter medley relay (all distances are in meters), the Sayre team of Courtney Bruer, Grace McClelland, Katherine Porter and Rachel Hurley won in 2:26.58.

McClelland then won the 200 free in 2:34.94 while teammate Emily Schamel was third.

Porter won the 200 IM in 2:48.40 with Bruer second while Hurley won the 50 free in 30.93.

In the 100 free, McClelland won in 1:11.96 while Hurley won the 400 free in 5:29.51.

In the 200 free relay, Sayre's team of McClelland, Schamel, Porter and Hurley won in 2:13.16 while Porter won the 100 backstroke in 1:17.90. Schamel took third in the back.

On the boys' side, Sayre's Josh Wolcott was third in the 200 free while teammate Altan Frantz won the 200 IM in 2:30.39. Wolcott won the 50 free in 27.43 while Frantz won the 100 fly in 1:05.77.

Lorenzo Servedio was second in the 100 free in 1:02.79 while Brent Heil was third in the 400 free at 5;20.85.

Servedio won the 100 backstroke in 1:12.74 to round out the Sayre place winners.