For the second year in a row, the Troy Trojans are unbeaten in the regular season with a chance to win another league title today.

For three straight years they have won their tournament title and a year ago they captured the NTL title.

However, all their success last season ended on a sour note.

The year ended for Troy in districts as they watched Wellsboro celebrate as district champions.

"We really want to make up for what we did last year," Jordan Ellsworth said.

"We are pretty nervous and pretty excited," Taryn Hicks said. "We want to try and do what we haven't done the last two years."

While they tried not to look ahead this year, districts have been on the players minds since last season ended.

"We want to redeem ourselves," Kari Ammerman said. "That's one of this year's goals."

While last year ended badly, the Trojans are trying not to focus on that match, they are instead worried about making themselves better.

"We try not to think of that and just push ourselves," Kelsey Bristol said.

Before they get to districts the Trojans know there is a big goal they are going for this week as they try and win another NTL title.

"That's our number one goal," Hicks said. "It's a big priority."

"It's important for us," Jenn Shults said.

"We really want this for coach, we want him to be proud of us and be able to give him a repeat," Bristol said.

For Troy's players, one of the best parts of their success is seeing how happy it makes coach Will Slotter.

"It's nice to see coach happy all the time," Bristol said.

"When he smiles that makes us feel good," Ellsworth said. "We love to be able to make him happy and smile."

Over the weekend the Trojans accomplished one of their goals when they won their tournament for a third-straight year.

"It's great to win that on our home court," Kristyn Kinner said.

"Being able to win the last three years is special," Hicks said.

After this week the Trojans will again turn their attention toward districts and they know that's a lot different then playing in the regular season.

"You only get one shot in districts," Bristol said. "If you lose in the NTL you can make up for it, you can't in districts."

A year ago Bristol saw how tough it was on her older sister Mikayla when they lost in districts her senior year.

It's something she doesn't want to see happen again this year.

"I saw my sister after the district game last year and it was so hard," she said. "I don't want any of the seniors to go through what my sister had to."

Hicks knows exactly when the last time Troy won districts was, since her sister Alyssa was part of that team. Coming from a family where her sister, mom and aunt all won districts, Hicks feels like it's something she really needs to do for herself this year.

"Everyone in the family has won districts except for me," Hicks said. "There is a lot of pressure."

Winning districts and getting to states would make this a perfect season for Troy.

"That would be amazing," Ammerman said.

While they haven't been tested a lot this year, the Trojans faced a big challenge against Corning in the final of their tournament on Saturday.

While the close match made them nervous, the Trojans know that it can help them in the long run.

"It would have been nice to win a clean game and not a close game," Hicks said. "It was good to see we could come back when we were down."

"It was nice to show people we can play a close game and win," Bristol said.

What Troy learned in the victory was what they are capable of doing and they hope that helps them today and in districts.

"It was good to see that we could work as a team like that," Kinner said.


Towanda at Troy

Today, 7 p.m.

At stake: If Troy wins they capture the NTL large-school title, a Towanda win ties the two in the league standings.