The Troy Junior Sportsmen had an outstanding performance at the State Youth Hunter Education Challenge on June 16. Thirty five participants from the Troy area traveled to Scotia Range in State College to compete with over 200 participants from across the state. As the junior awards were presented, two of the Troy Junior Sportsmen teams were called to the podium.

The team placing third overall consisted of Stephen Holly, Nick Martin, Shane McCarthy, Colton Pierce, and Evan Snyder. This team also placed third in rifle and muzzleloader. The team comprised of Alex Everts, Clayton Mount, Jarrod Rathbun, Mitchell Robson, and DJ Springstead placed first in each of the six events, and first overall bringing home the coveted "boot" trophy for the 5th consecutive year.

The team made up of Ryan Haller, Damon Leonard, Jeremiah Martin, Evan Rathbun, and Grant Snyder placed first overall in the senior division; also bringing home the coveted traveling "boot" trophy.

Numerous individual awards were also presented to the junior members of the Troy Junior Sportsmen. Mitchell Robson placed second overall and third in 22 rifle and Shotgun, Jarrod Rathbun placed third overall along with third place in Wildlife ID, Hunter Responsibility, and Muzzleloader events. DJ Springstead placed first in Archery and second in Shotgun; Clayton Mount placed second in Archery, and Alex Everts placed first in Wildlife ID.

In the senior division, Ryan Haller placed first overall, and third in Muzzleloader. Evan Rathbun placed first in the Hunter Responsibility, 22 Rifle, and Archery events, and second overall.

Each of the 1st overall teams will now be representing entire state of Pennsylvania as the "PA Gold" Junior and Senior teams at the National Youth Hunter Education Challenge. Also representing Pennsylvania on the "PA Junior Blue team" are Alex Schrader and Nick Martin.

The following youth also participated in the state YHEC, Mason Gerould, Nathaniel Jelliff, Brianna Rathbun, Ryan Richardson, Dakota Walburn, Jory Woodward, Michael Donovan, Matthew Dunkle, Paisha Glisson, DJ Holdren, Austin Jelliff, Elsie Jerzak, Jordan Nero, Mason Ritz, Alex Schrader, Billy Thomas, Nathanial Wolfe.