Troy Trojans

Head Coach: Jim Smith

Assistant Coaches: Joe Millard, Kyle Smith, Chance Wright, Ryan Ammerman, John Imbt, Mark Bulkley and Cody Martin

Record Last Season: 6-4

Quarterbacks: Jed Wright (11), Isaac Havens (10)

Comments on Quarterbacks: We have a couple of kids in this position who have really stepped up and worked hard in the off-season. Combine that with the experience they got on the field last year and we are confident in their ability to lead the team.

Running backs, full backs: Walker West (11), Brandon Mattocks (10), Josh MacClaren (11), Isaac Havens (10), Justin Bradley (12), Corey Ellsworth (12), Nick Stephani (10)

Comments on backs: We have a host of athletes who had game experience last year who will be sharing responsibilities in the back field.

Receivers, tight ends: Chris Westeffer (12), Darton Harwick (12), Ryan Reeves (11)

Comments on receivers, tight ends: These upper classmen will anchor down much of the receiving responsibilities with their size and strength.

Offensive, defensive line: Conner Voorhees (12), Chad Cole (12), Coty Kendall (12), Hayden Nowacoski (12)

Comments on offensive line: We expect these seniors to be the core of our offensive and defensive lines, but have a talented group of underclassmen to round out the starting positions.

Linebackers: Nick Stephani (10), Brandon Mattocks (10), Isaac Havens (10)

Comments on linebackers: What these sophomores lack in age they make up for with sheer talent. All three had ample playing time last season and our expectations of them are very high.

Defensive backs: Jed Wright (11), Justin Bradley (12), Greg Ellsworth (12)

Special teams: Josh MacClaren (11, P/K)

Comments on special teams: This young man has worked very hard to master his craft. We are extremely confident that his presence will have a great impact in every game.

Player to watch: Troy

Overall thoughts on this year's team: Over the past year many of these athletes have dedicated themselves to the success of our program. Despite our record at the end of the season, lack of preparation and effort will not be something we regret.