TROY - The Trojans picked up an NTL volleyball victory over Towanda on Thursday, winning three close games 26-24, 25-21 and 26-24.

Troy got 17 points, one ace, three kills and eight digs from Taryn Hicks and Mikayla Bristol had seven points, four aces, 19 kills, one block and three digs.

Jordan Ellsworth had six points, two aces, six kills and four blocks and Kelsey Bristol had nine points, three aces, five kills, two blocks, two digs and 13 assists.

Lynsee Rountree had seven digs and 17 assists and Courtney Woodward had two points, a kill and 16 digs.

Towanda got 10 points, three kills, a block, eight digs and 26 assists from Alysha Grimes and Alacia White had nine points, four kills, five blocks and 15 digs.

Alaina Wickwire had three points, 12 kills and 22 digs and Hailey Innocenzo had five points, 13 kills, a block and 18 digs, while Emily Gorman had four points and 13 digs.

Lindsey Vincent had a point and a dig, Kayla Grimes had three points, Macy Elliott had a block, Roni Black had a kill, a dig and two blocks and Paige Vanderpool had a block.

Towanda won the JV match 25-22, 15-25, 15-11.

Kayla Grimes had 13 points and four kills, Tara Welliver had a point and four kills and Kayla Brown had a kill and five assists in the win.

Troy got 11 points and three aces from Faith Cryan, eight points and four aces from Jamie Patrick, five points and three aces from Alyssa MacWhinnie, five points and an ace from Melissa Hulslander and one point each from Kari Ammerman and Kara Roman.

Wellsboro 3, Mansfield 2

25-21, 23-25, 16-25, 25-19, 15-12

The Green Hornets got 26 kills, six points and 17 digs from Hannah Zuchowski and Mackenzie Marple had 11 points, 20 assists and 20 digs in the victory.

Maggie Smith had four points, Shelby Young had three points, Kaelyn Keane had eight kills and Alex Kurtz finished with seven points in the win.

Mansfield got seven points and three aces from Leah Fritz, seven points from Emily Pruden and seven points and four kills from Mariah Berguson.

Rebecca Toothacker had nine kills and Autumn Long had four kills for the Tigers.

Justin Berkowitz had seven points, three aces, seven kills and 32 digs, Andrea Neff had 16 digs, Kaitlyn Garverick had five kills and Cassie Frederick had five points, four aces and four kills.

Wellsboro won the JV match 25-21, 25-21.

Mansfield is at the Williamson Tournament on Saturday.

Waverly 3, Spencer Van-Etten 0

VAN-ETTEN, N.Y. - The Wolverines improved to 3-0 as they got 13 points, seven aces and seven digs from Morgan Salsman and six points, five aces, seven assists and five digs from Jordan Raupers.

Dana Langdon had five points and six kills, Erin Fagan had eight kills, Bailey Tryon had seven points and Sam Mennig had nine points, eight assists and three aces.

Spencer won the JV match 25-21, 28-30, 25-17.

Karleigh VanNess had 13 points, six aces and five digs for Waverly and Corutney Chandler had five points and five kills, while Hannah Place had five digs and Angelica Hager had four points and six assists.

Wyalusing 3, Athens 0

25-17, 25-18, 25-15

Wyalusing got seven aces and two kills from Cassie Nedley and 11 kills from Erika Huffman.

Christina Hons had 15 assists, Roni Morrison had three aces and Joanna McGee had five kills, while Jessica Carr had four kills.

Athens got three points and five assists from Searah Kennedy and Katelyn Serfass had five points.

Wyalusing won the JV match 25-9, 25-19.

Keon Copp had four aces and two kills, Mackenzie Krewson had seven aces and five kills, Danelle Salsman had four assists and Madison Eberlin had three assists and three aces.

Aleah Dudash led Athens with six points.

Wyalusing hosts Sayre on Tuesday.

Sayre 3, NEB 0

25-16, 29-27, 25-13

In the loss the Panthers got six points, one ace, one kill, eight assists and four digs from LuAnne Antisdel and Courtney Emick had 21 points, seven aces, a kill, 17 assists and two digs.

Jessica Uhouse had 13 points, a kill, 14 assists and two digs, Michala Kuhlman had six points, an ace, a kill, 19 assists and two digs and Kaitlin Brink had nine points, nine assists and two digs.

Mariah Everly had five points, an ace, a kill and 17 assists and Katrina Race had two points, two assists and a dig, while Rheann Hilfiger had an assist and a dig, Monica Jampo had two assists and Macy Wilks had two digs.

Sayre won the JV match 25-22, 18-25, 15-9.

Northeast Bradford got 23 points, three aces, four digs and four assists from Hilfiger, 16 points, six aces and two assists from Mackenzie Moore, three assists and two digs from Allison Mosier, three points, an ace, a kill and seven assists from Kayla Russell and four points, a kill and two digs from Abbey Cole.

Abby Hawley had a kill and five assists, Mariah Taylor had three assists and Wilks had three assists.

Williamson 3, CV 0

25-6, 25-17, 25-12

Lindsea Jones had 10 assists and Kaitlyn Bailey had seven digs for Williamson.

Kim Daugherty had six kills in the match and Jessie Patt had five aces.

CV got one block and one kill from Grace Earle and Kayla Schauer had six digs.

Williamson is 2-0, while CV is 1-3.

Tioga 3, Candor 2

25-14, 16-25, 25-15, 25-20, 25-23

Malley Bowen had 17 assists, eight points, one ace and 11 digs and Bry Godfrey had 13 kills and three digs for Tioga.

Kayla Mosher had nine points, six kills and two blocks and Natalie Burns had six kills, four blocks, five points and five aces.

"It was a very well played match by both teams," Tioga coach Des Ford said.

Erin Berwald had 12 points and two aces for Candor and Kara Williams had 11 points, while Audrey Shaver had 11 points, 12 kills and two aces and Madison Hornick had 10 assists, while Des Barnhart had a block.

Tioga won the JV match 25-17, 25-5.