There are a lot of similarities between Colleen Dempsey and Alexis Getty.

They both played high school soccer in the NTL, Dempsey at Mansfield and Getty at Wellsboro.

They both are members of the Mansfield University soccer team.

They both have dreamed of being on the field together for years.

And, unfortunately for the two of them, they both have had to deal with multiple injuries in their soccer careers.

Both Dempsey and Getty missed last year with injuries and both are struggling with the long return to the field.

"I have talked with Colleen, she has been threw the very same thing," Getty said. "I just want to be back out there and be ready to go."

After going through injuries throughout a lot of her high school, and college career, Dempsey has an idea of how hard it can be to come back.

"I have a few months head start with Alex on the recovery," Dempsey said. "You want to just get back out there, but when you are coming back you have to be patient. You have to pay attention to your body."

For Getty she is just starting to get back onto the field.

"I haven't been able to do much," she said. "I am just starting to sprint and there is a little pain."

For two players who played their career with a lot of speed, both are former high school runners, they know you have to make a few adjustments in their games.

"I have to judge what to do with my speed," Getty said. "You have to adjust some. It's frustrating because you put yourself down. You think you did it before, you should be able to do it now."

When you go through that many injuries you start to wonder if you should continue playing.

"I almost didn't play," Dempsey said. "I didn't think anyone would want me after two ACL injuries."

When she had doubts it was one of the times that Dempsey liked being the daughter of coach Tim Dempsey, and talking to her dad about if she had a role on the team.

"We had a lot of talks this summer," Colleen Dempsey said. "We went to a

Crosscutters game and talked for a few innings about where I should be and what I should be doing. He told me the big thing is to play, have fun and enjoy the game."

After missing all of last year, both players know that have to enjoy every moment they have in the sport.

"Where I am coming from, I know I have to have fun with it," Dempsey said. "I just want to have fun and help the team."

But, both players are back and they are looking forward to finally getting a chance to be teammates no.

"It's nice, we have been friends since junior high," Dempsey said.

All those years of being opponents in high school the two are happy to be together now.

"We have never been on the same team," Dempsey said. "We played the same sports, soccer, basketball for a couple of years and track to. But, we have not been teammates."

"We competed against one another and I would see the way she played the game and we were friends," Getty added.

The two have seen each other play so many times they feel like they know exactly what to expect from each other on the field.

"We will probably laugh really hard," Dempsey said of the first time they are teammates. "We might try and do thinks we think we can do together."

And, Dempsey is just happy to not have to try and defend Wellsboro's all-time leading scorer anymore.

"I'm happy I don't have to chase her anymore," she said.

While both players missed last season at Mansfield, Dempsey is a junior who did play her freshman year.

For Getty this is her first year of college soccer so she has to try and come back from an injury and adjust to the college game.

Having a player like Dempsey around can only help her with that.

"In high school soccer we were not in the greatest soccer league," Getty said. "You know in a lot of those games you can use your speed a lot more. Now, you have to change the way you play because the speed of the college game is faster. I am glad I have her (Dempsey) on my team to talk to.

"This feels like in a way it's my freshman year all over again. You feel like you have to prove yourself.

That's hard to think about, you just want to get out there and play."

For Dempsey she did play as a freshman, but she hasn't really been healthy since then making it a long time away from the game for her.

"I forget about freshman year some," she said. "I have been out about a year and a half you forget things a little bit."

And, when Dempsey did play the Mountaineers had an injury plagued season and Dempsey played out of position at times, so she hasn't played where she is used to since high school.

"Freshman year I played defense and I had never played defense," she said. "It would be nice to maybe get back to more of my midfield position."

Both players just hope this year is a healthy, productive year for them.

A season ago both players learned how quickly your year can come to an end.

"I wanted so bad to prove myself last year," Getty said. "In the first scrimmage, in the first 10 minutes I tear my ACL. It was actually bittersweet in a way. I was able to see the entire field. You see the field different watching than when you are playing."