It was a year of big accomplishments for the Northeast Bradford boys' soccer team.

It was the first time the Panthers won the NTL East title. They made their first trip to the district semifinals, and now, the year wraps up with an all-state selection.

Northeast Bradford senior Colton Snyder, the two-time Daily & Sunday Review All-Region player of the year, wraps up his career as an all-state pick in the midfield. Liberty's Cody Schmouder was also an all-state pick.

"It definitely feels great to get all state," Snyder said. "To get all-region player of the year the last two years and now to get all state this year, it's pretty amazing."

Snyder knows how special this honor is.

"I'm still trying to wrap my head around it, it feels pretty good," he said.

Snyder's coach, and father, Neal Snyder was happy with what Colton accomplished.

"He did a great job, he was a great team leader and the kids really respected him," Neal Snyder said. "He just did very well, he's a great player. It's just awesome, I'm glad I'm a part of it. We had a lot of help along the way, a lot of good coaches along the way. It was just a team effort all the way around."

Colton Snyder knows that this is something that his teammates helped him earn.

"What we did this year, we had a great season and it really did make people notice us," he said. "I still get people congratulating us on our season, it makes people recognize you.

"I definitely couldn't have done anything without my team. We put everything together this year, we are extremely close."

And, Snyder hopes that this honor will inspire some of the younger players to see what they can accomplish.

"We are absolutely tiny to get something like this," he said. "They all have the ability to do it, we have a lot of young players on our team that can be just as good."

And, Neal Snyder hopes that this just inspires those younger players to work hard.

"There are good prospects coming up through there, hopefully this will give them a boost to realize they can move forward," he said.

For Liberty's Schmouder, the honor comes in just his junior year and Liberty coach Ron Mase knows this is special for his program.

"It's great," he said. "He (Schmouder) is only a junior and to do something like that with 20 goals in his junior year, and I think he had 15 last year. He works hard a practice, he really works hard at it. It was great for this school and great for the team."

While Liberty is a merged team, Mase knows it's still a small-school program and it's a big achievement to get an honor like this.

"That's a big thing for them with a small school like that," he said. "I know we got Mansfield and Bloss in there, but you are small and it just helps. Even more kids will come out, it just helps the program. It's great for him being a junior and that helps even more. It's good for him to."

Mase knows there will be more pressure on Schmouder to be a leader next year and he thinks this honor will help him.

"We lose a lot of kids, there was a lot of seniors on the team and he is going to have to prove himself to the younger ones and I think he will. They look up for him."

Mase believes seeing two NTL players earn all-state honors is just another good step for the league.

"It's great for us, great for the Northern Tier," he said. "We had some good teams this year and when you are from up here and you go down there and play it seems like they are ahead of us. But, I think we are catching up to them. I think we are getting stronger every year.

"I was down there when we played Muncy in the first game and there were other coaches there and they liked what they saw from him. They liked him and they pointed him out right away. It was great for him and for us."