WAVERLY, N.Y. - After winning their division during the regular season, the Wolverines defended their home lanes in the IAC Championships, capturing the boys' title by over 150 pins.

Waverly won on the boys side with a total of 3,152, followed by Notre Dame at 2,954. Marathon was third at 2,827, followed by Tioga at 2,810 and Lansing at 2,689.

Watkins Glen won the girls title with a total of 2,657, followed by Newark Valley at 2,646, Notre Dame at 2,493, Tioga at 2,465 and Waverly at 2,400.

Leading the way for the Waverly boys was Mason Beard, who had the high series at 764. Notre Dame's Alex Sherman, of Barton, shot a 716 to take second.

Watkins Glen's Billy Brenan (691), Lansing's Brandon Mikula (645) and Tioga's Chris Potucek (641) rounded out the top five.

Marathon's Andrew Doane was sixth at 639, followed by Waverly's Billy Cowles (633), Newark Valley's Dustin Shoemaker (619), Notre Dame's Riccardo Gennali (599) and Tioga's Alex Boughton (594).

Waverly's Conner Joseph was 11th at 590, followed by Notre Dame's Joel Siedman (587) and Waverly's Trevor Campbell (586) and Ben Cowles (579).

Tioga's Josh Welch was also in the top 20, taking 17th at 564.

The high game of the day belonged to Sherman at 278.

For the girls Tioga's Ashley Sherman led all bowlers with a 690 series, followed by Newark Valley's Kirsten Chase at 643, Samantha Bradley of Watkins Glen at 635, Notre Dame's Cassie Berry, of Towanda, at 613, Marathon's Kortni McGowan at 583 and Kalei Fenn of Newark Valley at 580.

Tioga's Genevieve Burnett was seventh at 541, followed by Edison's Kayla Coolbaugh (535), Waverly's Amanda Northrop (528) and Newark Valley's Kassie Elliott (514).

Waverly's Sam Mennig was 15th at 491, Notre Dame's Stephanie Evans was 16th at 488, followed by teammate Kristen Karam at 487.

Berry had the high game at 247 and Sherman tied for the second highest game at 246.