WAVERLY, N.Y. - The Waverly and Notre Dame track and field teams met Newark Valley and Watkins Glen on Monday in the IAC divisional meet.

Places and times are kept, but team scores are not for the divisional meet.

In the girls 4x800 relay Waverly's team of Sam Goble, Kelsey Frank, Katelyn Moore and Kaylee Uhl finished first in 10:07.50 and in the 100 hurdles Notre Dame's Jen Smithers won in 17.50, followed by Waverly's Shelby Tubbs (18.00) and Sidney Shaffer (18.47).

In the 100 Brittany Schutrum of Notre Dame won in 13.04, followed by teammate Deborah Diarra (13.14) and Newark Valley's Courtney McNeil (13.39).

In the 1500 Notre Dame's Mary Pelkowski, of Sayre, won in 4:59.20, followed by Goble (5:19.12) and Frank (5:20.97).

In the 400 relay Notre Dame's team of Brittany and Victoria Schutrum, Smithers and Mara Skordynksi won in 51.73 and in the 400 Jenna Cupp of Newark Valley won in 1:04.92, followed by teammate Sommer Tobey (1:09.04) and Notre Dame's Juliana Bunnell (1:10.12).

Mia Herlan of Notre Dame won the 400 hurdles in 1:16.25, followed by Newark Valley's Kaya Luciani (1:18.99) and Watkins Glen's Sarah Hazlitt (1:24.66).

In the 800 Pelkowski won in 2:29.63, followed by teammate Emma Booth (2:31.40) and Watkins Glen's Amanda Armstrong (2:46.09).

Cupp won the 200 in 26.09, followed by Diarra (26.59) and Skordynski (27.69).

Mary Kubinski of Notre Dame won the 3000 in 12:09.96, followed by Watkins Glen's Maggie Bond (12:21.00) and Newark Valley's Maddie Meagher (12:28.35).

In the 1600 relay Booth, O'Dell, Bunnell and Reilly Edger won for Notre Dame in 4:09.44.

In the pole vault Shaffer won at 7-feet, 6-inches, followed by Newark Valley's Mikaela Brown (7-feet) and Hazlitt (6-feet, 5-inches).

Uhl won the long jump at 14-feet, 1-inch, followed by Macie Drake of Notre Dame (13-feet, 9-inches) and Newark Valley's Hannah Williams (13-feet, 1 1/2-inches).

In the triple jump Tobey won at 31-feet, 1-inch, followed by Brown (30-feet, 2 1/2-inches) and Notre Dame's Michaela Volino (19-feet, 1-inch).

Anna Lackner of Notre Dame won the discus at 84-feet, 7-inches, followed by Waverly's Sarah Rote (82-feet, 3-inches) and Newark Valley's Savannah Howland (77-feet, 9-inches).

Rote won the shot at 28-feet, 10-inches, followed by Lackner (28-feet, 1/2-inch) and Waverly's Erika Morales (27-feet, 7-inches).

Skordynksi won the high jump at 4-feet, 8-inches, followed by Newark Valley's Quashawn Williams (4-feet, 6-inches) and Kaya Luciani (4-feet, 6-inches).

For the boys in the 3200 relay Waverly's team of Jon Puusalu, Mark Kraus, Randy Chandler and Austin Trengo won in 9:10.90 and in the 110 hurdles Jimmy Heffner of Waverly won at 17.99, followed by Newark Valley's Connor Coleman (20.81) and Roman Steika (20.91).

Carl Shen of Notre Dame won the 100 in 11.68, followed by Waverly's Ryan McFarland (12.00) and Waverly's Rich Northrop (12.07).

Watkins Glen's Matt Gill won the 1600 in 4:40.04, followed by Newark Valley's Zachary Jacobson (4:43.28) and Dan Cleary of Notre Dame (4:54.07).

Waverly's Dylan Wright, Rich Northrop, McFarland and Jacob Goble won the 400 relay in 46.25 and Northrop won the 400 in 53.52, followed by Cole Ford of Newark Valley (55.25) and Kendrick Wood of Waverly (56.15).

Newark Valley's Zachary Jacobson won the 400 hurdles in 1:04.22, followed by Puusalu (1:04.59) and Steika (1:11.19).

Cleary won the 800 in 2:13.82, followed by Kraus (2:19.97) and Kevin Basel (2:21.39).

Shen won the 200 in 23.40, followed by McFarland (24.00) and Goble (24.31).

Gill won the 3200 in 10:19.62, followed by Jacobsob (10:43.49) and Notre Dame's Garrett Butters (10:46.86).

McFarland, Goble, Wood and Northrop won the 1600 relay in 3:43.74.

Steika won the high jump at 5-feet, followed by Coleman (4-feet, 8-inches).

Wright won the pole vault at 12-feet, followed by teammate Josh Mastrantuono (10-feet, 6-inches) and Watkins Glen's Matt Woodworth (9-feet).

Shen won the long jump at 19-feet, 7 1/2-inches, followed by Newark Valley's Michael Polhamus (16-feet, 8 1/2-inches) and teammate Connor Coleman (16-feet, 4 1/2-inches).

Puusalu won the triple jump at 37-feet, 2-inches, followed by Notre Dame's Bill Marcy (35-feet, 3-inches) and Polhamus (34-feet, 2 1/2-inches).

Tom Watkins of Notre Dame won the discus at 123-feet, 11-inches, followed by Newark Valley's James Raab (118-feet, 5-inches) and Waverly's Andrew Zobel (115-feet).

Matt Watkins of Notre Dame won the shot at 45-feet, 1/2-inch, followed by Tom Watkins (42-feet, 11-inches) and Ryan Rondinaro of Watkins Glen (36-feet, 11-inches).