Waverly's Emiley Myers was named co-MVP in the IAC South Large School Division. Notre Dame's Hannah Haskell was the other co-MVP.

Joining the two on the first team are Liia Caprenter, Sabrina Bowman and Katie McEvoy of Waverly.

The Notre Dame players on the first team were Haskel, Brittany Schutrum, Becca Watts, Alexandra Quesada and goalie Sheridan Heine.

Second team players included Danielle Burkhart, Kylie Newman, Erin Sweeney and Allie Frutchey of Waverly. Notre Dame players on the second team were Megan Herrick and Mary Kubinski and Kaylyn Curran.

IN the Small School South the MVP was Spencer Van-Etten's Lisa Nelson.

Dryden senior midfielder Leighann Bennett was named MVP of the North Large School Division.

and Marathon senior midfielder Ellena Holl was named MVP of the North Small School Division.