ODDS AND ENDS: A grant of $8,000 is being awarded to the Athens Township Park and Recreation Commission for its Tozer's Landing Riverfront Trail Improvement Project to help implement the Bradford County Open Space, Greenways and Outdoor Recreation plan. According to organizers, the project will improve public access to the Chemung River at its confluence with the North Branch Susquehanna River near the communities of Athens , Sayre and South Waverly. I applaud the efforts of all organizers of this project and look forward to the completion. This is a tremendous project for fishermen who have long been wanted to receive access to the Tioga Point area for shore fishing.

RIVERFISHING: The "hair jig" bite is upon us with the cooler weather in store next week. However, topwater lures and inline spinners are still taking the bass. Full-time professional river guide Lance Dunham had a good week with a day charter of clients boating over 110 bass in eight hours. Recently, Lance also boated a 42 inch muskie on a topwater bait. Yes, it's safe to assume the "fall feedbag bite" is on! I'm impressed with the number of emails I've received over the from anglers who have caught walleye. Most stated that within the last week they have caught walleye that have surpassed their own personal best length/size walleye to date! Most of the walleye were caught between Sayre Boat Access and the Athens river bridge. Two of the walleye were in the low twenty inch range and took a Chartruese JJ's Walleye Zonker Jig. However, the largest was caught near Hornbrook and it was a whopping 27 inches and it took a smoke colored crankbait.

LAKE FISHING : Anglers have descended upon Mountain Lake for fall trout fishing. The Public Dock has been full of anglers since Wednesday. Most have been fortunate and have caught plenty of trout with paste baits, small spoons, and good old nightcrawlers. Area ponds and lakes have been producing some nice catches of bluegill, perch and crappie. Places like Sunfish Pond, Bayers Pond, Saxe Pond, have been producing a lot of panfish. On Stephen Foster Lake , the bite was quick and hot! However, the fish seemed to be schooling tightly so if you have luck in one area stay there until the luck subsides. While fish finders seem to work well in locating schools of feeding fish the old tried and true method of trolling and then concentrating on areas where you have received strikes is well suited for these autumn conditions on our stillwaters.

Speaking of fish finders, while on Sunfish Pond I saw an older gentleman with what appeared to be a very small fish finder clipped to his terminal tackle. He would cast it into the water, let it sit, then reel it in and look at the five inch display. I have not seen this type of small portable fish finder before. This gentleman left the pond before I could inquire what make and model it was. If any of you kind readers could shed light on this type of finder? I certainly would be grateful for the information. My contact info is at the end of this report.

Have a great week! Good luck on the water! Please let me know how you are doing on all of our great fisheries by sending me an email at jjsjigs@epix.net Dave Pelachik is an avid angler and master jig & fly tyer of JJ's Jigs located in Towanda , Pa. Visit his website at http://www.jjsjigs.com