The Wellsboro girls beat Athens 95-51, while on the boys side Athens came out on top 97-52 in track and field action on Thursday.

For the girls in the 100 Wellsboro's Mikayla Palmer-Bacon won in 13.50, followed by teammate Lauren Bleggi (13.60) and Athens' Morgan Malawski (14.20).

In the 200 Wellsboro's Taylor Acorn won in 26.50, followed by Bleggi (27.50) and Laura Lockard of Athens (27.70).

Wellsboro's Raina Rogers won the 400 in 59.40, followed by Lockard (1:00.80) and Becky Chambers of Wellsboro (1:04.80).

Wellsboro's Charlotte Worthington won the 800 in 2:41.50, followed by Athens' Monica Dougherty (2:43.80) and Kirstan Vanderpool (2:52.70) and in the 1600 Worthington won in 5:54.90, followed by Athens' Paige Bennett (6:23.30) and Vanderpool (6:40.70).

Wellsboro's Annie Sweeney won the 3200 in 13:29.30 and in the 100 hurdles Rogers won in 16.80, followed by teammates Mackenzie Marple (17.50) and Elise Becker (18.90).

Athens' Shaynia Burns won the 300 hurdles in 55.40, followed by Becker (58.10) and Athens' Connie Kipp (59.70).

Palmer-Bacon, Rogers, Bleggi and Acorn won the 400 relay in 54.40 and Chambers, Acorn, Bleggi and Palmer-Bacon won the 1600 relay in 4:19.10, while Athens' Dougherty, Abby Shenot, Aubrey Sumner and Vanderpool won the 3200 relay in 11:17.

In the high jump Rogers won at 4-feet, 8-inches, followed by Athens' Taylor Conrad (4-feet, 4-inches) and Wellsboro's Kaelyn Keane (4-feet).

Wellsboro's Sarah Kramer won the pole vault at 8-feet, 6-inches followed by Athens' Allie Vine (7-feet) and Chambers (6-feet).

Acorn won the long jump at 16-feet, 6-inches, followed by Dougherty (15-feet) and Wellsboro's Kim Acorn (14-feet, 3-inches).

Marple won the triple jump at 31-feet, 11-inches, followed by Kim Acorn (31-feet, 10-inches) and Dougherty (31-feet) and in the shot Athens' Danielle Stopper won at 28-feet, 5 3/4-inches, followed by Wellsboro's Sherri Hovis (28-feet, 1-inch) and Megan Wanck of Athens (25-feet, 2 3/4-inches).

Stopper won the discus at 77-feet, 7-inches, followed by teammate Colleen Kitchart (76-feet, 2-inches) and Wellsboro's Katie Straniere (72-feet, 7-inches), while in the javelin Marple won at 112-feet, 6-inches, followed by Stopper (112-feet, 2-inches) and Wellsboro's Jessie Catherman (107-feet, 1-inch).

For the boys Athens went 1-2-3 in the 100 with Luke Webster winning in 11.90, followed by Tyler Birdsall (12.0) and Nick Carl (12.10).

Athens also went 1-2-3 in the 200 with Birdsall (24.40), Webster (24.50) and Brad Sampson (25.00) taking the spots.

Wellsboro went 1-2-3 in the 400 with Garrett Webster winning in 54.70, followed by Joey Doganiero (55.70) and Bobby Hill (56.0).

In the 800 Wellsboro went 1-2-3 with Bob Owlett (2:06.70), Jordan Jackson (2:07.20) and Garrett Webster (2:11.40) taking the spots.

Jackson won the 1600 in 4:41.70, followed by Owlett (4:42.90) and Athens' Matt Millard (5:16) and in the 3200 Athens' Alex Walter won in 11:49, followed by teammate Nate Brown (11:51).

Athens' Nick Pane won the 110 hurdles in 16.0, followed by Carl (17.0) and Wellsboro's Blair Carson (18.30).

In the 300 hurdles Pane won in 44.90, followed by Birdsall (45.20) and Wellsboro's Jack Chambers (45.60).

Athens' Luke Webster, Carl, Birdsall and Austin Depew won the 400 relay in 46.0 and Doganiero, Owlett, Jackson and Garrett Webster won the 1600 relay in 3:37, while Millard, Walter, Brown and Ryan Chapman won the 3200 relay for Athens in 9:46.10.

Nick Marple of Wellsboro won the high jump at 5-feet, 6-inches, followed by teammate Dan Brooks (5-feet, 2-inches) and Athens' Levi Mathers (5-feet) and in the pole vault Konnor Spencer and Thomas Straniere of Wellsboro tied for the win at 10-feet, followed by Athens' Tyler Solomon at 8-feet, 6-inches.

Athens' Mark Wright won the long jump at 19-feet, 9 3/4-inches, followed by teammate Sampson (19-feet, 1-inch) and Marple (18-feet, 3-inches) and Wright won the triple jump at 38-feet, 10-inches, followed by Sampson (36-feet, 9-inches) and Wellsboro's Sam Mitchell (34-feet, 8-inches).

Athens' Ryan Kreykenbohm won the shot at 42-feet, 9 1/4-inches, followed by teammate Scott Laidlaw (40-feet, 2 3/4-inches) and Wellsboro's Chase Barnes (39-feet, 9 1/2-inches).

Athens' Jon Canfield won the discus at 113-feet, 6-inches, followed by teammates Kreykenbohm (110-feet, 10-inches) and Tom Shenot (109-feet, 10-inches).

Mathers won the javelin at 134-feet, 2-inches, followed by teammates Tim Keener (132-feet, 6-inches) and Pat Donnelly (130-feet, 1-inch).

GIRLS: North Penn 124, South Williamsport 34, Troy 13

BOYS: Troy 58, North Penn 55, South Williamsport 50

On the boys side Troy's 3200 relay won in 10:11 and in the 110 hurdles North Penn's Jay Paulhamus won in 20.5.

North Penn's team of Harley Kilmer, James Smethers, Jess Gregory and Wes Kammerer won the 400 relay in 50.0 and Anthony Strohecker won the 300 hurdles for North Penn in 44.0.

In the triple jump North Penn's Colin Craig won at 38-feet, 8-inches and North Penn's Reece Correll won the high jump at 5-feet, 8-inches.

Troy's Seth Mosher won the discus at 110-feet, 9-inches and in the javelin Shawn Barrett of North Penn won at 123-feet, 7-inches.

For the girls North Penn's team of Logan Wilson, Erin Dempsey, Susan Learn and Simone Lichty won the 3200 relay in 11:30 and Shannon Madigan of North Penn won the 100 hurdles in 20.2.

Meghan Wetzel of North Penn won the 100 in 13.9 and Learn won the 1600 in 5:45.

North Penn's Madigan, Wetzel, Savannah Alexyn and Andrea Neff won the 400 relay in 55.2 and Chelsea Moran of NOrth Penn won the 300 hurdles in 58.6 while Dempsey won the 800 in 2:40.2.

Learn won the 3200 in 13:15 and Neff, Dempsey, Madigan and Maggie Farrer won the 1600 relay in 4:46.

Wetzel won the long jump at 14-feet, 4-inches, Neff won the triple jump at 28-feet, 6-inches and Troy's Faith Cryan won the high jump at 4-feet, 4-inches.

Klsey Tice of North Penn won the shot at 31-feet, 2-inches and Kiersten Berguson of North Penn won the discus at 84-feet, 4-inches, while Wilson won the pole vault at 7-feet, 6-inches.