The Wyalusing boys and girls track and field teams each defeated Troy on Thursday, with the boys winning 91-58 and the girls winning 116-34.

For the girls, Wyalusing's team of Kayleen and Morgan Sutton, Roni Morrison and Erika Huffman won the 1600 relay in 4:47.99 and in the discus Sarah LaFrance of Wyalusing won at 90-feet, followed by teammates Brooke Force (64-feet) and Kaylee Norton (63-feet, 2-inches).

Troy's Casey Norton won the 1600 in 5:30.31, followed by teammate Kassidy Colton in 6:21.99 and Wyalusing's Pam Kelley in 6:42.75.

Wyalusing's Cassie Nedley won the javelin at 85-feet, 4-inches, followed by teammates Abbie Borel and Bailey Smith, both at 83-feet.

In the 100 Morgan Sutton won in 13.66, followed by Troy's Claudia Mack in 14.01 and Wyalusing's Kaci Woznicki in 14.38.

Colton won the 3200 in 14:25.03 and Katie Prichard of Wyalusing was second in 15:24.32, followed by Emily Edwards of Wyalusing in 15:39.82.

Woznicki won the 200 in 19.33, followed by Mack in 19.50 and Shelby Burgess of Wyalusing in 31.33.

Kaylee Norton of Wyalusing won the shot at 27-feet, 7-inches, followed by LaFrance (27-feet, 4-inches) and teammate Delana Szemple at 25-feet, 10-inches.

Savannah Schools of Wyalusing won the triple jump at 32-feet, followed by Mack at 31-feet, 4-inches and Alicia Tewksbury of Wyalusing at 25-feet, 1 1/2-inches.

Mack won the long jump at 15-feet, 2 1/2-inches, followed by Schools at 13-feet, 9 1/2-inches and Kayleen Sutton at 13-feet.

In the high jump Schools won at 4-feet, 8-inches, followed by Troy's Faith Cryan and Wyalusing's Claire Howard, both at 4-feet, 6-inches.

In the 300 hurdles Morrison won for Wyalusing in 54.90, followed by teammates Keon Copp (59.33) and Missy Kiprich (1:01.99).

Huffman won the 400 in 1:03.83, followed by Justice Brown of Troy at 1:14.50 and Jessica Carr of Wyalusing at 1:18.43.

In the 800 Huffman won in 2:28.65, followed by Casey Norton in 1:32.85 and Kelley in 3:19.25.

Wyalusing's team of Prichard, Morrison, Kayleen Sutton and Kelley won the 3200 relay in 13:53.12 and in the 400 relay Burgess, Woznicki and Kayleen and Morgan Sutton won in 56.47.

Morgan Doerner of Wyalusing won the 100 hurdles in 19.53, followed by Ciprich in 21.25 and Coppp in 21.95.

In the pole vault Carr won at 8-feet, 6-inches, followed by Tiffany Newton of Wyalusing and Tewksbury, both at 7-feet.

For the boys Troy won the 1600 relay in 3:41.18 and in the discus Jeremy Allyn of Wyalusing won at 118-feet, 4-inches, followed by Troy's Layton Calkins at 110-feet, 10-inches and Wyalusing's Paul Fusco at 86-feet, 3-inches.

Zamien Benditt-Parkes of Wyalusing won the 1600 in 4:55.56, followed by Troy's Trevor Hodge in 4:57.22 and Robin Vanhoutte in 5:03.95.

Jonah Shotwell of Wyalusing won the javelin at 154-feet, 1-inch, followed by teammate Clint Crawford at 132-feet and Fusco at 117-feet, 5-inches.

Greg Ellsworth of Troy won the 100 in 12.01, followed by Wyalusing's Ethan Ace (12.22) and Troy's Ross Sherman (12.24).

Troy's Josh Purcell won the 110 hurdles in 15.59, followed by Wyalusing's Ash Sollick (19.58) and Devin Fassett (21.10).

Benditt-Parkes won the 3200 in 10:30.34, followed by Troy's Zach Schonher (10:52.45) and Eli Laue (11:42.33).

Ellsworth won the 200 in 24.27, followed by Ace in 25.12 and Sherman in 25.74.

Allyn won the shot at 43-feet, 5 1/2-inches, followed by Wyalusing's Devin Masters (35-feet, 1 1/2-inches) and Dustin Brown (34-feet, 7-inches).

Justin Bradley of Troy won the triple jump at 34-feet, 7 3/4-inches, followed by Matt Woodruff of Wyalusing at 34-feet, 7 1/2-inches and Fusco at 34-feet, 7-inches.

In the long jump Bradley won at 18-feet, 4 1/2-inches, followed by Vanhoutte at 18-feet, 3 1/2-inches and Tim Ace of Wyalusing at 17-feet, 11 1/2-inches.

Wyalusing's Lucas Jennings won the high jump at 5-feet, 6-inches, followed by Thomas Swain of Troy at 5-feet, 4-inches and Fassett at 5-feet, 4-inches.

Purcell won the 300 hurdles in 45.56, followed by Sollick in 49.83.

Aaron Woodruff won the 400 in 54.56, followed by Brandon Kelley of Wyalusing at 56.56 and Tim Kelley of Wyalusing at 56.69.

In the 800 Aaron Woodruff won in 2:11.38, followed by Troy's Shane Miller in 2:16.32 and Vanhoutte in 2:19.79.

In the 3200 relay Benditt-Parkes, Kelley and Matt and Aaron Woodruff won for Wyalusing in 8:40.85 and in the 400 relay Davis, Tim and Ethan Ace and Aaron Woodruff won in 46.35.

Dustin Kauffman of Wyalusing won the pole vault at 10-feet, followed by Justin Griffith and Mitchell Schools, both at 8-feet.